Friday, December 18, 2015

Proganix Volume Hair Care | Soy Protein + (Caffeine)

I recently got the most darling package in the mail from Proganix - it seriously made my day! In gorgeous packaging I received their new Volume Amplifying and Body Building line, in addition to a darling snowflake ornament and a STUNNING necklace that I posted on my instagram (if you're not following me - what are you waiting for?) 

I really enjoy using Proganix hair care products, and I had never tried the volume line before, so needless to say I was actually looking forward to my next hair wash! 

Both the shampoo and conditioner ($9.99 each for 8.5 oz) smell really nice, sort of floral, sort of hard to explain (I'm horrible at explaining scents - sorry!). They're made with caffeine and volumizing soy protein to give your hair a lift. God knows, I can always use some lift in my ever-flat hair. Added bonus: Proganix does not test on animals so you can feel good about your voluminous shiny locks! 

Also sent to me was the Root Boost Finish + Body Builder ($11.99 for 5.1 oz) and the Amplify Gel ($11.99 for 4 oz). The body building spray is to be used on damp hair, concentrating the spray on the roots. It works best to blow dry your hair after applying for extra oomph. 

Before blow drying, you can add in some amplify gel all over damp hair for even more volume! You can also skip the blow dry and let your hair air dry after applying the gel.

Excuse the horrible cell phone quality photo, but here's how my hair looked after using the shampoo and conditioner, the amplify gel and the finish spray and a good blow dry session. Va-va-volume! Admittedly my hair did fall flat within an hour or so, but I seemed to have more pep in my roots than normal all day long.

All in all, I really like this line! I think it helped amp up my roots and even if it doesn't keep my hair lifted all day, my hair still smelled good and felt soft and that's really all I can ask for when I have hair determined to sit flat on my head. 

I believe this Proganix Volume line is sold exclusively at Ulta (anyone seen it elsewhere?) - it's affordable and works quite nicely! I'd recommend it.

Have you tried Proganix? What's your favorite line? Let me know! 

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