Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wet n Wild - Lady Luck

This is an older polish that has been sitting in my unused pile for awhile and I totally regret not pulling it out earlier! This gorgeous pink is two coats of Wet n Wild's Lady Luck. It's really summery and bright (although I couldn't quite capture it's true color... it's a bit darker than it looks)! I think it would make for a fantastic pedicure color! 

I hardly needed two coats as it looked great with just one, but I figured it would look richer with two. The application of this polish was truly awesome, too! I had no idea Wet n Wild polishes were so nice! 

I wanted to spruce things up a bit, so I peeked through my "nail inspiration" board on Pinterest and found a picture of a glitter gradient much like this one. I used an unnamed The Color Workshop polish that is a really pretty silver holo. It's really thin and spices up just about any manicure. This is my first attempt at trying to do a gradient mani, and I'm actually quite satisfied!

And just so you can see, here is a picture of what I used:

(Poshe basecoat, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, unnamed The Color Workshop holo, Wet n Wild - Lady Luck, China Glaze peppermint cuticle oil)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sally Hansen - Deep Blue Sea

Seeing as it's Memorial Weekend I wanted to paint my nails in the spirit of the holiday! I'm not a huge fan of blues, but I have to say this color is kind of nice. This is two coats of Sally Hansen - Deep Blue Sea from the Xtreme Wears collection, a pretty blue foil polish that reminds me of denim jeans. 

I haven't used my design polishes in a long time, so I pulled out the white and red glitter LA Colors art deco polishes and used my imagination a bit, and there you have it! My ring finger looks surprisingly better on my other hand than it does in this picture, but my thumb looks much better on my left hand (shown here). I already chipped my other thumb... grrr...

One coat is very sheer, but once you apply the second coat, Deep Blue Sea is the perfect consistency. I topped it off with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat, and called it good.

Anyone else sporting a Memorial Day mani?

Monday, May 21, 2012

China Glaze - Electric Pineapple

It is a beautiful day here in southern Minnesota and as I looked through my pile of untried polishes, I started looking for something that screamed summer. That's when my eyes locked on a polish from China Glaze's 2011 Island Escape summer collection called Electric Pineapple.

In the bottle, this looks very neon, but once it's on it's more of a muted greenish yellow creme polish. I bumped a couple nails and messed them up, but regardless, I still really like how this color looks! This is two coats of Electric Pineapple, topped off with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat.

I added a couple purple rhinestones just for fun, and there you have it! A great color for summer!

So great in fact that I decided it was time for a pedicure, too!

And wa-lah, my toes are ready for flip flops! I really like the row of purple rhinestones at the top, which compliments Electric Pineapple nicely. I pressed the rhinestones on as the polish was close to dry, and then once it dried completely I put superglue around them to hopefully ensure they stay on awhile! 

What color are you wearing to welcome in the warm weather?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sally Hansen - Lavender Envy

Well, my nails are still looking pretty rough after I broke every single one while moving last weekend and sadly, this polish is just not the most flattering - but hey, I figured I better show you this one as proof that not every manicure is a success. This is two coats of Sally Hansen - Lavender Envy from the Xtreme Wear collection. The color itself is not so bad - it's a very sheer purple with greenish blue micro shimmer - but I think the Kleancolor - Matte Magic topcoat I used screwed everything up. 

Kleancolor - Matte Magic is a very thick and goopy top coat that takes forever to dry (are all matte topcoats like this? I have only ever tried this one, as I'm not a huge fan of  matte polish). It made the polish bubbly and it smeared and wrinkled and made a glob around my nail sticker. 

I'm going to be perfectly honest when I say I hate this manicure, but I'm just too lazy to do anything about it right now. Come Monday, hopefully my nails will have recovered a bit, and I'll do something much cuter than this! 

What manicure of yours did you absolutely hate?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Claire's - Candy Shop

I picked up this polish a couple weeks ago on a shopping trip with my mom and sister to one of our favorite outlet malls (probably the one time a year I even go in to Claire's). I always like looking through the polishes they have as I've really liked every one that I've bought from Claire's so far - and this one didn't disappoint! 

This is two coats of Claire's - Candy Shop, a hot pink jelly filled with lots of hex and mini glitter! I love how the glitter gets sandwiched in with the base of the polish and creates something of a jawbreaker look! I topped this mani off with a little yellow flower nail decal on my ring finger (which did NOT want to lay flat and looks kind of blah, but oh well!) and a coat of Seche Vite and wa-lah! Just ignore my itty-bitty nails - I broke all of them while moving this weekend! So annoying! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Zoya - Kate (Blogger Series)

I am an avid fan of Birchbox and have been a subscriber since this fall (after months of almost signing up and then passing for some reason I can't explain), and have been accumulating Birchbox points by reviewing all the products month after month. I hadn't really found something I wanted to use my points on yet, but this week I finally put my points to good use and got the Zoya Blogger collection, available exclusively from Birchbox. 

This beautiful grapefruit pink jelly is Zoya - Kate, inspired by The Small Things. I love this polish, it looks like I have candy on my nails! It's perfect for summer. Since it's a jelly you can see a bit of the nail lines underneath, but I think it looks really pretty regardless.

Did any of you pick up this collection, too?

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