Monday, January 25, 2016

Color Club | Angel Kiss

It's been SO long since I've done a post on nail polish! If you're a long time follower, you'll know that a couple years back, nail polish was the sole subject on Glazed Over! I'm still a chronic nail polisher, I just haven't made it a point to post much about it lately. Until this week... when I put on a beauty of a polish that was so pretty I had to share.

So what's really weird is that Color Club's website says that "Angel's Kiss" (my bottle says Angel Kiss) is a green holographic color.... hmmm... mine is most certainly blue. I don't know if I bought some sort of hijacked version, but this is a pretty ocean blue. This is not a new polish by any means, in fact, it's super old, but I had it sitting in my untried stash for ages and just finally gave it a go. 

Angel Kiss has a stunning holographic finish that looks gorgeous in the sunlight. It was hard to capture, but you can see the holographic rainbow effect especially on the middle finger above. Man, I absolutely love holographic polishes.

I used two coats of Angel Kiss and topped it off with Essie's No Chips Ahead top coat, and I was surprised by the lasting power the top coat gave me! 4 days in and I had minimal chipping on a couple of my nail tips. If you were to try this polish with Seche Vite as your top coat, I can guarantee it'd be chipped off in 2 days flat. 

What's on your nails this week? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Exuviance SkinRise Bionic Tonic

You probably already know, I'm a bit of a freak about skincare. I love it and I think it's never too early or late to start taking really good care of your skin.  Proper care can make a drastic change in the texture and appearance of your skin if you use products with the right ingredients.

The SkinRise Bionic Tonic is a skin treatment packed full of amazing ingredients to improve the quality of your skin such as antioxidants, PHAs, Vitamins A, C and E, cucumber, eucalyptus, and green tea extract. This combination of ingredients works to moisturize, prevent visible aging, refine, and protect the skin from free radicals and environmental factors. It's loaded with good stuff to help you maintain a radiant complexion. 

Use is simple. After cleansing your face, grab one of the toning pads (a jar comes with 36 pads) and apply it all over your face and neck. Rub any remaining product in to the skin. Each pad is thoroughly soaked with product so you get plenty to cover your whole face and neck.  It also smells pleasantly light and fresh. 

So far, I've enjoyed using the Bionic Tonic. My one gripe is it will leave your face feeling sticky, so I only use it at night - I'd never put it under makeup. In the morning, after using the Bionic Tonic, I notice my dark spots look lighter and flare ups look less inflamed. Does my skin look more radiant? Time will tell with extended use. 

You can purchase the Exuviance SkinRise Bionic Tonic ($45) online at and in stores at Ulta.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Battle of the dry shampoos | Volume 2

Dry shampoo is a simple fact of life - lazy girls, you feel me? I'm not trying to wash my hair every single day, but I'm also not trying to look like a greaseball. And so, I go through dry shampoo like nobody's business. I know many of you feel me, because I get asked alllll the time about my favorite dry shampoos.

If you missed the first installment of the Battle of the Dry Shampoos, you can find it here. Without further ado, I bring you volume 2... 
  • Suave Refresh & Revive Dry Shampoo - I really, really enjoyed this dry shampoo. It's super affordable, I'm talking under $5, and it smells nice. This did a great job of getting rid of excess oil in my hair without weighing down my roots or feeling gunky. I was quite impressed with the quality of this dry shampoo considering the price. I definitely will pick this up again in the future. 
  • L'Oreal Blow Out Longwear Spray Dry Shampoo - This stuff was AWFUL. So bad that I didn't even finish this bottle, and I'm typically a finish it up kind of gal. I'd spray it in my hair, and for the first half the day it did it's job. My hair would look refreshed and oil-free, but by lunch time, my hair fell limp and looked greasy. There's no point in using a dry shampoo that can't make it through the day. I won't purchase this again. 
  • Lulu Organics Hair Powder - I bought a mini sample of this on Black Friday because I was intrigued by the Black Pepper + Vetiver scent (scrumptious). This stuff is mega natural, comprised of corn starch, scented oil, white clay, baking soda, rice and horsetail powders. To be honest, I'm glad I didn't buy a full size. This powder makes my scalp feel so gunky and gross, and even though it soaks up oil, I can't stand that feeling! 

What dry shampoo should I try next? Let me know your favorites in the comments! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Lip List #4

I was inspired this past week to put a little effort in to my lipstick routine. Truth be told, I couldn't be bothered to do much with my eye looks, so I jazzed up the bottom half of my face instead. ;) Here's what I wore in the last week, in order Monday-Friday:

  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in As You Wish Victoria - A creamy, hydrating bright magenta. Full review here
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum - This is a moisturizing mauve color, perfect for every day wear.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop - A light pink tinted gloss, perfect for the faintest hint of color.
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready - A creamy rosy pink, super comfortable to wear on the lips. 
  • Mirabella Lipstick in Volatile - A vampy berry purple, perfect for fall. 

Have you tried any of this lippies? What's your favorite? Let me know! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MEMEBOX | Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Perfect Bubble Foam

Memebox (pronounced mee-mee box) is a Korean beauty box company, with endless amazing Korean beauty products at great prices. The boxes come whenever YOU want them, not on a monthly basis, and they have a ton of fun themed boxes to pick from. Now and then they send me some goodies to try, and most recently they sent me the Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Perfect Bubble Foam to put to the test.

The Perfect Soft Bubble Foam ($18 for 5 oz) is a deep cleanser and gentle exfoliator in one. The foaming bubble wash cleans the skin and the exfoliator on top loosens up dead skin cells to be washed away to reveal softer skin with every wash. The exfoliating head also works to massage the nutrients from the face wash in to the skin more deeply. Formulated with fruit and herb oils, this face wash aims to restore moisture and nourishment. 

This cleanser is highly fragranced, like really really fragranced. I typically don't mind a bit of scent to my face washes, but this was too much for me (maybe it's the whole extra-sensitivity to smell pregnancy thing?). It smelled very strong and floral, and I couldn't imagine that putting this on my sensitive skin would be very good for it. On the up side, the concept of having the brush on the top where the foam pumps through is unique, and it does provide a gentle exfoliation. 

If you don't have sensitive skin and aren't bothered by scented, and are a fan of 2-in-1 products, this is right up your alley. Find it on the Memebox website for purchase here

As for me, this won't be something I'd purchase again, but I had fun testing it out. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2015

The latest Walmart Beauty Box showed up at my door in late December, and it's probably one of the best yet! I'm always willing to take my chances, as these boxes cost just $10 and they come once a season. It's not often you get sample sizes of drugstore products, but the Walmart Beauty Box gives you that chance. To receive your own beauty box, sign up here

This month's box came with...

  • Pure Silk Raspberry Mist Shaving Cream - Perfect travel sized shaving cream! Will definitely bring this along with me on our next beach vacation. 
  • nspa Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich Body Butter - nspa is a UK brand that I've heard plenty of UK-Youtubers mention before but I've never tried myself. This body butter is free of parabens and smells very very coconutty. 
  • Centrum Vitamints - Not the kind of vitamins I'd take, but nice to try out if you're in the market for a new multivitamin.
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser - I've received these in Target Beauty Boxes and other Walmart Beauty Boxes, and I actually liked this cleanser. It's mild and smells nice. 
  • Dial 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion - I didn't even know Dial made lotion. This is a nice size to throw in my purse for use on the go. 
  • Pantene Air Spray Hairspray - I've never tried this hairspray before. I couldn't even find it on the Pantene website - so I don't know what to tell you about it unfortunately.
  • Goody Slide Proof Hair Ties - These hair bands have little rubber-like grippies on them so they won't slide out of your hair. I'm not one to stray from my basic hair ties, so it's fun to receive some that I probably wouldn't buy myself. 
  • Ken Paves Volumizing Shampoo + Conditioner - The teal foil packet in back has a conditioner and shampoo sample. Walmart sends Ken Paves foil samples every box, and I haven't tried them yet. I'd much rather have a bottle sample - no one likes foil packets! 

Have you signed up for the Walmart Beauty Box? What came in yours? Let me know! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yes to Coconut | Hydrate & Restore

You already know, I love Yes To products. It's easy to get behind a brand that offers affordable, quality naturally-derived products. I was so thrilled when they contacted me about trying out some of their new products from their coconut line, and I have to say - this line is awesome! 

Yes To's coconut products aim to hydrate the skin, and when using all three of these products, I can bet you'll notice your skin holding its own against the dry winter weather. I was sent the Ultra Hydrating Facial Mask ($15.99 for 2 oz), the Ultra Hydrating Creme Cleanser ($9.99 for 4 oz) and the Ultra Hydrating Facial Souffle Moisturizer ($14.99 for 1.7 oz).  I'm not crazy about coconut-scented products, but all of these are scented very very lightly and they don't smell like fake disgusting coconut - they smell like a real, refreshing just-chopped coconut. And it's quite nice to use something so tropical in the dead of winter. 

Let's go in order of what you'd use, first to last. To start things off, let's chat about the Creme Cleanser. This is a very gentle, milky face wash formulated with coconut oil. Coconut oil can do so many good things for your skin: it smooths, retains moisture, prevents against premature aging of the skin, plus it's antimicrobial so it'll kill any bacteria on your skin. So, with all that in mind, this is a fabulous cleanser! I like to use it in the morning to refresh my face and get rid of any sleep-grime. 

The Facial Mask is a quick 10-minute treatment specifically for moisturizing the skin. It's made up of coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil and natural clay to detoxify. It dries without making your face feel tight and squeaky. After washing it off, my face really did feel nourished and hydrated. 

My favorite of the three products is the Facial Souffle Moisturizer. It's whipped and fluffy, and despite how nervous I was to smear a coconut-oil based moisturizer on my face before applying makeup, I can tell you it's not greasy in the slightest! I haven't stopped using this since I received it, both day and night! It's become a fast favorite. 

I really have enjoyed using all of these skincare items, and I'd definitely recommend giving them a try to if you have dry or combo skin that needs an extra boost of moisture. Find Yes To products at Target and online at 

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 10 of 2015 | Year in Review

What a year 2015 was. Reflecting on the year leaves me with a fuzzy, happy feeling - it really was a good year. There were some tough parts and sad days, but the good certainly outweighed the bad. My husband and I took trips to the Dominican Republic and Denver, we saw some of our best family and friends get married, I was promoted at my job, and we found out that 2016 will bring big changes to our little family of 3 (me, hubs and pup) -- we'll become a family of 4 when our baby arrives this summer! 

It's been a whirl, and I've enjoyed it all. I've had so much fun writing for Glazed Over, sharing new and unique products with you. I can only hope that 2016 brings much of the same excitement, and new baby will let me indulge this fun hobby still! 

Looking back on all the fun and adventures 2015 held also leads me to thinking about the products that hit it out of the park. I have for you - Glazed Over's top 10 products of 2015! Shall we get right to it?

In no particular order...

1. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop (full review)

Chances are you couldn't look left without seeing or hearing someone talk about Champagne Pop. The hype is so real with this highlighter - it really does add the most gorgeous illumination to the face, and the color would easily suit any skin tone. It's a bit pricey (if you're a drugstore price kind of gal, like me) but it is 100% worth every penny. Your cheekbones will never look so good as when they're brushed with a hint of Champagne Pop. 

2. NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder
This drugstore powder costs under $5, and has wormed it's way in to my heart. It's so finely milled and will set foundation, never looking even an ounce cakey or dry. It's magical and for the price, you can purchase it again and again without feeling any buyers remorse. 

3. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation (full review)
I never stop raving about this foundation. It's my ultimate holy grail foundation for a number of reasons. It's full coverage, it lasts all day without breaking down, and it will make your skin look flawless no matter what you use to apply it. It's made my year end lists in 2014 and 2013, and chances are it will make the list in 2016, too! 

4. MAC Fix+
I've known about this product, and even used it, for many years, however I never did own my own bottle until 2015. I don't know why it took me so long. I love this for spritzing my face after applying powder. It makes my skin look more natural and it holds my makeup on for the day. It's also excellent for spritzing on to your brushes before applying a messy loose shadow! It's multi-purpose, smells amazing, and works - all reasons why I'll continue to keep this in my stash for a long time to come. 

5. Coastal Scents Concealer Pots

No concealer was used more in 2015 than my Coastal Scents Hot Pot concealers. If you like the Sonia Kashuk concealer for it's mega-coverage for blemishes or discoloration but you're too white for even the lightest shades - these are your answer. There are 10 different shades to choose from, and the two I've tried are extremely full coverage and will hide any blemishes you may have. Pregnancy has thrown my skin for a loop, and I've relied on these babies to hide my imperfections. I wouldn't recommend trying these under your eyes, though - they're far too thick for such a thing.

6. Covergirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner (full review)
When I first tried this eyeliner pen, I liked it but I wasn't in love with it. The shape of the tip had a slight learning curve, and I just wasn't convinced it would be a favorite. Towards the end of the year, I started picking it up more and I fell in love with it. The color is a dark dark matte black, my favorite, and once you get the hang of it, it's easy to create your perfect eyeliner look. 

7. Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara (full review)
Unlike the liner above, this mascara was an instant favorite. The brush is thin and easy to maneuver around the lashes. It has everything I want in a mascara - it lengthens, adds volume, and separates my lashes instead of clumping. If you were a fan of the Lashblast Volume mascara, I'm betting you'll enjoy this newer addition to the Covergirl Lashblast mascara line. 

8. Balenciaga Rosabotanica Eau de Parfum 

Hands down, no other perfume was coveted more by me in 2015 than Rosabotanica, and I finally made it mine last year. It's not for everyone, but I could bathe in it... it's a scent that could convince me to throw out all my other perfumes and never look back. It smells fresh with notes of roses and fig leaves. It's certainly more of a spring/summer scent, but I'm a rebel and have worn it all year long. It's on the higher end of the price spectrum for perfumes, but if you're a rose fan, it's worth every penny.  (added bonus: the ridiculously gorgeous packaging)

9. Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet (full review)

Was 2015 the year of cleansing balms or what? It was the first time I'd ever tried them, and I ended up loving the Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet to get all of my makeup off. Ever so gently, massaged on to dry skin, it breaks down foundation, eye makeup and anything else you may have applied to your face. It never broke me out and it lasted me ages. 

10. Rituals Shower Oil (haul)

It's not that this Shanti Shower Oil is my favorite scent, by any means (it's not), but this stuff has become my ultimate shaving "cream". When I shave my legs with most shaving creams, I spend the rest of my shower with itchy, dry legs. This stuff is pure magic, though. It's hydrating and doesn't leave me itchy and dying to finish my shower so I can run to a bottle of lotion. Amazing stuff! 

I can't wait to see what amazing products 2016 has up it's sleeves, the trends and fads and the things that will become holy grails. I'd also love to hear what your favorites of 2015 were - leave me a comment with your faves! 

Cheers to 2016! 
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