Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Glazed Over will be back on Monday - I'm taking a short hiatus to spend time with loved ones this holiday weekend. I hope you're doing the same!

See you Monday! xo

Monday, November 25, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Soothing Sorbet | Review + Swatches

A new Maybelline Baby Lips has hit the shelves, and if you've loved the original line, you're going to love the Dr. Rescue line! 

It claims to provide 12+ hours of hydration, while medicating the lips. While it is very hydrating, I certainly don't get 12 hours of hydration. More like one or two... granted, I am a chapstick junkie, so some of you may get more than me.

The only reason I can see someone not enjoying this new line is the menthol smell. While it's not overwhelming, there is an undeniable menthol smell. I don't mind it, and I do like the faint tingling feeling it leaves on the lips. 

The color I purchased is Soothing Sorbet, a beautiful berry color. The color is slightly buildable, but you can't go overboard, making this a great color for those who are just starting out with makeup or just simply like a lighter wash of color.

I'm really enjoying this new Baby Lips, and I want to get my hands on some of the other colors because they're perfect to keep in my purse for use on the go!

Have you tried any of the Dr. Rescue Baby Lips? Let me know in the comments below!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Nail Polish Haul II!

This weekend I did a little shopping and ended up finding some awesome deals on nail polish. Not that I need any more (especially if you've seen part of my stash)... but you know, I couldn't pass up a good deal! I thought you might want to see...

TJ Maxx had an abundance of China Glaze polishes, for a total STEAL. I got each of these for  just $2.99! They typically retail for $7.50+! On the left is Twinkle Lights which is comprised of a clear base and gold, red and green glitter. This color is Christmas in a bottle! The middle is Some Like it Haute, a holographic blue/gray glitter. And on the right is Running in Circles, a gorgeous green glitter with subtle gold flecks. 

I have yet to try any of the Liquid Sand polishes and only the ones with glitter have caught my eye, so I grabbed a set while at TJ Maxx. The polish on the left is Get Your Number, an ocean blue with tons of glitter. The polish on the  right is Stay the Night which has a black base and pink glitter. It looks like lava - I can't wait to try this one out!

These last four polishes are from Big Lots and I got them for just $1 each! On the left is Sharon's Heart, a medium pink with fine golden shimmer. Next to that is Dazzle, a mega-glittery purpley pink. To the right of that is Bare, a purple-toned nude with a hint of white shimmer. Lastly, on the right is Winter Wonder, a complex color that looks greyish-blue, but is made up of gold, purple, and blue glitter.

I'm in love with all of these colors, and the best part about it is that I spent less than the normal retail price on every single one! 

Where do you find nail polish deals? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OPI - DS MAGIC swatch

Ohhhh gosh, the OPI Designer Series nail polishes are among my absolute favorite polishes. Ever. They are sparkly, glittery, holographic amazingness. DS Magic is added to my list of favorites for it's sheer blue beauty.

This is two coats of DS Magic, topped off with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. It's nearly impossible to capture on camera, but you can sort of tell in the picture of the bottle, but this color is a beautiful deep blue with fuschia duochrome. It is jam packed full of glittery goodness. If you loved the other DS polishes, you're bound to love this one, too. My only complaint was that it chipped within just a couple days of wear, which isn't typical of most OPI polishes.

What's your favorite Designer Series polish?

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Battle of the Subscription Boxes IIV: Birchbox vs. Ipsy

That time of the month is here - the battle between Birchbox and Ipsy! Let's dive right in... 

  • Color Club Nail Polish in On the Rocks (full-size: $8) This shimmery grey polish is from the new "Cocktail Hour" collection from  Color Club. I believe this is the third mini Color Club polish I've received from Birchbox - I enjoy getting them.
  • Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Quartz (full-size: $24) I was so excited to get a sample from Laura Mercier in this birchbox.... until I saw the color. No joke, it looks like I ate shimmery chocolate and smeared it all over my lips. This shade is not for us fair gals... 

  • Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Noir perfume  (full-size: $25-$90) Unfortunately, this sample came shattered in my birchbox (and birchbox CS reps were awesome in dealing with this - THANK YOU, birchbox, if you're reading!) On the upside, my birchbox products smell awesome! I have the original Juicy Couture which is a very versatile, fruity/musky scent, and this is a more sultry version with hints of berry and honeysuckle.
  • Ahmad Tea London (full-size: $7) Due to the perfume sample spilling all over my box, I don't think these teas are drinkable anymore (again, thanks to Birchbox CS team for sending another sample my way!). I'm excited to try these British teas when I receive new ones, as I'm a bit of a tea junkie.

  • Kiss EverEZ False Lashes (full-size: $3.99) Full-size product alert! I've tried Kiss lashes before and they're great! The nice thing about these is they come with glue and an applicator. This specific pack has nice long, natural looking lashes which I'm positive I'll get use out of.
  • Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched (full-size: $18) It's no secret I absolutely love Pixi products, and since I've never tried any of their face powders, I'm thrilled to try this. It's described as a medium honey tan and looks beautiful in the pan. Great size, too - about 1/3 of the size you'd buy in stores.
  • Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Caviar Cocktail (full-size: $13) Full-size product alert! This is nearly the same shade that I received in my Birchbox - coincidence or not? I don't love silver nail polishes, but I'm happy to try out a brand that's new to me and to receive it in full-size! 
  • .em by Michelle Phan Waterliner in Bronze Kiss (full-size: $20) Full-size product alert! .em cosmetics is a fairly new brand, launched by super-popular YouTube beauty guru, Michell Phan. I've heard mixed reviews about her cosmetics line, but this liner seems like a total gem - it's a beautiful shade and claims to apply without tugging or smudging. I'm excited to give this a go!
  • StarLooks Gem Pencil in Amethyst (full-size: $14) Full-size product alert! This is the third month in a row that I've received something from StarLooks -- not that I'm complaining; I've generally liked their products so far. This gem pencil is a silvery lavender color with lots of shimmer and is maybe the best of the three products I've received. It would be a gorgeous liner, or even better smeared out over the lid.
  • Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless (full-size: $14) Full-size product alert! ANOTHER full-size product! This lip crayon is a burgundy red with shimmer. The lip crayon format makes it super easy to apply. A great color to keep stashed in your purse for fall!
L to R: Lip Crayon, Waterliner, Gem Pencil, Bronzer


The winner is abundantly clear - IPSY! With five full-size products, and a value of over $60 - the $10/month price tag is so worth it! 

Ipsy and Birchbox are a great way to try out various products before shelling out the money to purchase something in full-size. To sign up for Birchbox, or Ipsy, just click the links in this sentence! Both are just $10 a month for awesome beauty samples delivered straight to your door.

What did YOU get in your Birchbox or Ipsy this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, November 15, 2013

NEW Nailpolish Storage

I mentioned a while back that my husband and I bought our first house and moved in September. Now that the boxes are unpacked and we've been settling in, I've started to work on my vanity room and the way I'm organizing and storing my things. 

One of the things I've been brainstorming on how to store for the longest time is my nail polish. Not too long ago, I stumbled upon the answer on YouTube. This tutorial was quick and easy, and I spent only ~$10 recreating this nail polish rack. 

All you need in order to make this nail polish rack is 3 foam-core boards, a hot glue gun, an exacto knife and decorative duct tape of your choice. (Excuse my ugly green walls - blame the previous homeowner. This color won't be staying around for long!) It's as simple as cutting the foam core boards in to strips, and using lots and lots of glue. Be warned - I went through a LOT of hot glue... make sure you have plenty handy.

Believe it or not, this rack is holding 94 nail polishes, and it's shockingly sturdy! If you were to buy an acrylic nail polish rack that holds anywhere close to 93 polishes, you'd be looking at spending around $40+, not including shipping. If you're on a budget, or don't want to spend much to showcase your collection, this is an affordable option that still looks chic! If you really want to save money, you can use 40% off coupons at Michaels (one in the paper, and one using the Michaels app), and keep an eye out for the buy one get one 50% off sales they have on foam core boards now and then.

You might have noticed that I color-coded my polishes - just for fun, plus it looked more organized.

 This is sadly nowhere near my entire collection. I chose to display my more high-end brands like OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, Essie, and Julep and I kept some Sinful Colors in there as well because they look very similar to OPI and China Glaze bottles. 

Have any of you used this tutorial? How do you store your nail polish? Let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The start of my MAC blush collection

I'm going to be honest here -- I've got a stash of blushes. A big stash. A stash bigger than I'd like to admit. Blush is a beauty favorite of mine. The majority of my collection is comprised of affordable, drugstore brands. I'm not saying this is a bad thing - many drugstore blushes can be just as great as higher end options, but often I lust over many of the MAC collections and the beautiful blushes that come with them and the high price tag keeps me from buying. I'm just not one to spend ~$25 on a blush that often, the price of most MAC blushes. 

This weekend, I got to indulge and snatch up my first MAC blushes! The best part? I got them at a fraction of the cost while shopping at a Cosmetics Company Store. If you've never been to one, CCS' sell high end cosmetic brands at a discounted price (Smashbox, Clinique, MAC, Origins, Bobbi Brown, etc.) Typically they have items that are part of a past season's collection. It's probably a good thing I live no where near one of these stores.... 

The two blushes I picked up are MAC's At Dusk and Lovecloud.

MAC At Dusk
At Dusk Extra-Dimension blush was part of MAC's limited edition Summer 2013 collection, and is described as a "mid-tone rose". At Dusk has a satin finish that leaves the cheeks with the most gorgeous sheen. For paler skin tones, like myself, this blush gives a natural flush of color. For tanner skin tones, this may not show up as well. On top of all the beauty, it has great lasting power, too. I got 8 hours out of it with little fading. 

MAC Lovecloud

Lovecloud is a bit older; it was part of the Spring 2012 Tres Cheek collection. Lovecloud is described as a "bright mid-tone pink" and is classified my MAC as a satin. This is an instant favorite of mine. While the bright pink may look daunting, it's very blendable and can be applied lightly or built up to a more dramatic finish. 

L to R - At Dusk, Lovecloud

Overall, I'm thrilled with my purchases. I know these will suit me well for a long time to come. They're both very flattering colors on lighter skin tones such as my own. I understand the hype of MAC blushes now, and I'm excited to have started my collection.

Which MAC blushes do you love?

Monday, November 11, 2013

L'Oreal - Macaroon Me Madly | Review + Swatch

I'm going to apologize right off the bat -- I'm SORRY, but this gorgeous polish from L'Oreal is limited edition from their Spring 2013 collection -- and I know, I know, I'm way late. BUT I JUST CAN'T RESIST SHOWING YOU! (You can still find it on eBay) This light pink beauty is L'Oreal's Macaroon Me Madly.

Macaroon Me Madly is a beautiful light pink creme. For complete opacity, I used three coats, but you could probably get away with two. Application was nice and smooth. On the negative side, the polish chipped within just a couple days (probably due to the # of coats, and not necessarily due to the polish). 

On my ring finger, I decided to jazz things up and used two coats of one of my favorite  polishes, Claire's Glitter Top Coat, a holographic silver glitter (that is highly underrated). 

I topped everything off with a coat of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, November 8, 2013

NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Blush Palette - Review & Swatches

I splurged recently, ya'll. Often, Glazed Over showcases affordable, drugstore makeup, but I have a soft spot for many high end options, too. Enter: the Guy Bourdin One Night Stand blush palette by NARS

I saw this on blogs and got an email from Sephora (where it's currently sold out) touting this limited edition holiday blush palette from NARS and I succumbed to the temptation. Really, it wasn't a hard decision - for $65, this is an extreme deal. You get a highlighter, bronzer, and 4 blushes, all in sizes just slightly smaller than a normal pan of each individual shade. 

Take a look at this beauty...

This palette features the following shades from top (left to right) to bottom (left to right):

  • Devotee: Highlight shade
  • Mistinguette: Bright pink
  • Orgasm: Peachy pink with golden shimmer
  • Laguna: Diffused brown powder with golden shimmer
  • Deep Throat: Flirty, sheer peach
  • Goulue: Medium pink

You might be screaming "$65?!?!?!?!?!?!" at me through your computer screen, but when you do the math, you're getting one heck of a deal. The Laguna bronzer retails at $36 for a size not much bigger than this, you're getting two of the most popular NARS blushes - Orgasm and Deep Throat, which retail at$29 each for a size slightly larger. Plus, you get a highlighter and two other blushes! I'm thoroughly satisfied, as I have not yet tried NARS blushes until now and I'm happy to have the most well-loved shades in my collection.

Will you be purchasing any holiday sets from NARS?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vaseline Rosy Lips - Review & Swatch!

A new member of the Vaseline Lip Therapy family has arrived! Say hello to Vaseline Rosy Lips, a brand new addition to the line! This has long been available in the UK, but finally the US has been graced with its presence! You may have seen the original and cocoa butter versions in most drugstores, and now you can grab Rosy Lips at Target for just $1.99.

As you can tell, I couldn't even wait to get my camera out before I stuck my fingers in! I HAD to try it out! The formula is exactly the same as the original Lip Therapy, thick and moisturizing, with the same texture as any vaseline you might buy - lip therapy or not.

The most noticeable difference is the light rose scent, which is just enough -- not too overbearing. It smells just like Rose Salve by C.O. Bigelow, one of my favorite lippies. As you can tell from the picture above, the pink color is very, very light. Honestly, I can't tell I'm adding any color my lips, it's that sheer.

Rosy Lips is a great addition to the Vaseline Lip Therapy line. It smells great, it moisturizes and adds a nice light pink sheen to the lips -- all for just $1.99. I'd recommend it!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pure Ice - Bite Me

This weekend I wanted a gold nail polish that would complement my Halloween costume -- I went as a Starbucks caramel frappucino! I dug through my "untrieds" stash and found this Pure Ice polish called Bite Me! 

Bite Me! is a warm gold packed with shimmer. I'm wearing two coats, topped off with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat. The formula is quite runny. and it's necessary to apply two coats if you want even coverage. Unfortunately, this polish just wasn't a hit for me. Within 24 hours I had very significant chips on a couple nails. For the $2 price tag, you can't really expect much else.

Friday, November 1, 2013

e.l.f. Holiday Palette!

Browsing the racks of Walgreens last weekend I stumbled upon a brand new e.l.f. display that I can only assume is part of their holiday collection. The display really caught my eye, as it looked much more fancy than any of their other displays I'd seen. The $5 price tag also caught my eye, and I came home with the 10 Piece Nude Eyeshadow Palette. 

(If you happen to see the new e.l.f. display at Walgreens, you'll notice there are two different palettes like this that look very much the same. The other is the "Party" palette, I believe -- if I'm remembering the name right.)

 Take a look...

Just from looking at it, I fell in love with the colors of this palette, which are a bit different than what you'd expect from your typical "nude" palette. This comes with a great variety of colors ranging from shimmery browns and pinks to deep purple and green, and a couple matte skin colors, too. 

Unfortunately this palette just doesn't perform well, typical of most e.l.f. eyeshadows. While the packaging got a pretty upgrade, only a few of the shadows seems to have been upgraded with it. 

The two matte skin colors (on the left side) are amazingly buttery and pigmented, and some of the bolder shades applied nicely, too, but the shimmery pink and purple are filled with chunky glitter that leaves behind just a trace of color and a ton of fallout.

The eyeliner, well that just plain sucks. It's bone dry and would take some serious tugging on your eyelid to get a nice line. Straight to the trash it goes...

This palette isn't the greatest, but for $5, what do you expect? The two matte nude shades are worth the $5 as they have a richer, more buttery texture, and some of the darker shades apply nicely as well. If you're most intrigued by the shimmery purple and pink (as I was), you might as well look elsewhere as those shades are hardly manageable.

Let me know what you think of e.l.f.'s new holiday palettes in the comments below!
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