Wednesday, April 27, 2016

MAKE Beauty

MAKE Beauty is a brand completely new to me. It's based in New York City, never tested on animals and paraben free. 10% of the proceeds they collect go to the We See Beauty foundation, which  supports women-led and worker-owned businesses across the country. How cool is that? I love that.

I was sent just a couple small samples to try, but plenty of product to get a good feel. I was sent the Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Alabaster, and the Silk Cream Lipstick in Taffy. 

The Matte Finish Eyeshadow is a perfect creamy skin-tone color that's great for blending. A full size is 0.1 oz and retails for $25. That seems pricey, but 0.1 oz is quite a bit of eyeshadow (for reference, MAC pans are only 0.04 oz). This color is nearly identical to my skin tone, so if you're not super pale, this will probably show up on your lids. For me, this works great to blend out any eyeshadow look. It can be applied dry or wet, so experiment away to get the look you're aiming for. 

The Silk Cream Lipstick in the shade Maraschino Cherry is gorgeous. It retails for $25 for 0.12 oz, and it feels nice on the lips. This shade is the perfect classic red - you know what I mean, that amazing confidence boosting, super feminine and sexy red. I love it. It's formulated with a bunch of good stuff, including safflower oil, rosehip and antioxidants that help moisturize. 

I'd love to experiment more with MAKE Beauty products and try some other goodies from their line. Lord knows I'll probably make an order at some point. I'd definitely give their website a browse and see if there are any goodies you can't live without. 

Use code MAKEYOURSELF through May 31 to save 20% on your order!

 If there's something amazing from MAKE that you've tried, let me know in the comments! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ipsy Glam Bag | April 2016

Wowza, how is it the end of April already and my Ipsy bag is here?! Time is whizzing by. I'm guessing you already know all about Ipsy, but in case you don't... for just $10/month you get deluxe beauty samples and full sized items sent to you in a keepsake makeup bag every month. I thoroughly enjoy getting Ipsy bags, and if you'd like to try it out, you can click here to sign up. 

Let's take a peek at what came in this month's bag: 

em Cosmetics The Great Coverup Ultimate Concealer - This product was created by Ipsy Founder, Michelle Phan. It's very creamy and pigmented, but unfortunately it's super dark for my skin tone even in the shade fair warm so I didn't get to try it out on my face. 

Tarte Lipsurgence lip creme in Wonder - This lipstick is infused with Tarte's well-known maracuja oil so it's super creamy and comfortable to wear and will feel moisturizing, and it doesn't lack in pigment either. I already own this color and I love it. An all around great product.

Live and Breathe Beauty Just Blending In Brush - This is a really nice blending brush. I use blending brushes more than any other type of brush, so I'm happy to try a new brand! Live and Breathe beauty is cruelty-free, which I appreciate. 

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Pencil in Jet - This kohl eyeliner is super creamy and very black. It goes on easily and I imagine it'd be nice for the waterline (which I don't use eyeliner in - but if you do, hey let me know how you like it!). The nice thing is you won't need to tug at your eye to apply this, it goes on that smooth!

pur~lisse beauty Blue Lotus + White Tea and Blue Lotus + Seaweed Sheet Mask - These masks are infused with asian botanicals for a plumper and more radiant complexion. I've been pleased with other skincare I've tried from pur~lisse and I'm looking forward to giving these a try! 

Are you an Ipsy subscriber? What came in your bag this month? Let me know! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Matrix | Total Results So Long Damage line (& others)

I have found my newest hair care obsession - the Matrix So Long Damage line. The aim of these products is to enhance shine, boost hair strength, reduce breakage and allow hair to grow longer. This line was previously called the "Repair" line - I'm not sure if it was reformulated at all, or if just the name changed (anyone know?). The magic ingredient in these products is ceramide which fills the hair fiber to boost strength. 

My favorite part of this line is the So Long Damage shampoo and conditioner ($12 each for 10 oz). The smell isn't the best thing in the world (it isn't bad either - just not as great as some I've put my nose to), but the way it makes my hair feel is amazing. After using both of these together, my hair feels super soft and healthy. Honestly, this duo is the best I've tried in a long time, and I'm so glad they're affordable enough to repurchase! (I was lucky enough to be sent these - but you can trust that I always give my honest opinion!)

The Break Fix leave-in-elixir ($16 for 6.8 oz) is meant to double up on all the good stuff the shampoo and conditioner aim to do - strengthen the hair and reduce breakage. Use this on towel-dried hair for extra protection.

The Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking treatment ($16 for 6.8 oz) isn't part of the So Long Damage line, but it's still a fabulous product. Straight from the Ulta website, "(it has) 20 beautifying benefits for your hair: leave in for nourishment, boosts shine, smoothes the cuticle, helps prevent breakage from brushing, adds moisture, helps prevent heat damage, helps fight frizz, helps even out porosity, minimizes damage, detangles, educes dryness, conditions lightly, controls fly aways, controls fly a ways, helps prevent split ends, helps soften, makes blow dry process easier, helps correct roughness, helps shield against external aggressors, improves manageability, primes hair for styling."

The last product in the So Long Damage line is the Iron Tamer heat protective lotion ($16 for 3.4 oz). This lotion helps shield your hair from high heat, including straighteners, blowdryers, curling irons etc. It also enhances the performance of heat tools, helping to smooth the hair instantly.

Another Matrix product not part of the So Long Damage line is the Miracle Extender dry shampoo ($16 for 5.1 oz). This helps soak up oil for a refreshed look. I really enjoy using this dry shampoo and think it does a good job of soaking up any oil in my hair, but it is on the pricey side. 

Have you tried any of these Matrix products? What are your faves? Let me know!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Walmart Beauty Subscription Box | Spring 2016

This season's Walmart Beauty box showed up in my mailbox last week, and I have to say, if you've seen any of the reviews of the most recent Target Beauty Box (which always sell out) - this is one to rival that! (but this one is $5 cheaper!)

This seasonal subscription costs just $5 per box and it's automatically shipped to you each season. This box features drug store items in deluxe sample sizes. I like this service because you can try out items before buying, even if the full sizes wouldn't put you out too terribly budget-wise. To sign up, just enter your info here

Here's what came in the Spring 2016 box:

  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - I've used this before and enjoyed it. Happy to receive a deluxe sample of it for future use. 
  • Jergens Natural Glow body lotion - Another favorite. This lotion is perfect to give you a tan just a couple shades darker than your normal tone. Perfect for pale girls like me. 
  • John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Gentle Lightening Shampoo - I'm not brunette, nor do I wish to lighten my hair, so this will be given away to someone who is. (This is the down side of a box you can't customize...)
  • CeraVe Healing Ointment - This is the CeraVe version of Vaseline. It can be used on dry patches or skin that needs a little extra boost of nourishment. 
  • Curel Itch Defense Body Wash - This body wash is marketed towards those who suffer from eczema and extremely dry, itchy skin. It's fragrance-free, so it would also be good for those with sensitive skin or those who want to avoid any smells. 
  • Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser - Aimed at those with combination skin, this cleanser uses baking soda to cleanse and exfoliate the face. One thing to note, baking soda is listed prettttty far down in the ingredients, so the marketing is a bit misleading. 

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Friday, April 8, 2016

MEMEBOX I'm Eye Shadow Palette | Day to Night

It's no secret, I'm a big fan of MEMEBOX palettes. I've talked about them in the past (see here, and see here for just a couple examples) and raved endlessly. Well, this post will be no different - MEMEBOX is back with a new creation, the I'm Eye Shadow Palette which comes in two different color schemes: Night to Day (pinks and purples) and Day to Night (browns). I was lucky enough to be sent the Day to Night palette, and I've got the whole 411 for ya.

Top to bottom, L to R: Everyday, Picnic Day, Special Day, Moody Day, Natural Day, Mystic Day, Romantic Day, Shining Day, Classic Day, Wonderful Day
The Day to Night I'm Eyeshadow palette ($27.50) has 10 buttery soft shades in a range of browns and reddish browns. There are four matte shades and the rest are satin or glitter/shimmer shades. This palette is marketed as being buildable and blendable, and I can vouch that both of these claims are true. It's easy to create a simple or dramatic look for whatever mood you're in. 

I think any range of skin tones could get use out of this palette and find combinations of colors that are sure to flatter.

Swatches below were all done over Urban Decay's primer potion.

Swatches are from palette in top to bottom, L to R order.
I'd definitely recommend checking out this palette. It's not outrageously expensive, and the buttery shadows are so nice to work with. This is a perfect combination of colors to sport for a day at the office, or a dramatic night on the town. 

Purchase the Day to Night I'm Eye Shadow Palette here for $27.50.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Lip List #5

Last week I was feeling adventurous and I sported 5 different days of lippies. I like these posts because it's fun to see how lipstick actually looks on different people, and hopefully you'll see some colors you want to pick up! Cheers to informed purchase decisions! Here's what I wore last week:

  • Monday: NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake - A mauvey-nude gloss. I LOVE the formula of the butter glosses. They're hydrating, pigmented and feel great on the lips.
  • Tuesday: Besame Cosmetics lipstick in Exotic Pink - I think this color has  made a previous lip list before, and it's that good. It's a gorgeous matte flamingo pink that won't dry your lips out. 
  • Wednesday: Revlon Lip butter in Raspberry Pie - Who doesn't love the Revlon lip butters?! They're so good! Raspberry Pie is a magenta pink that is so comfortable to wear.
  • Thursday: Wet n Wild lipstick in Dark Wine - I stumbled upon this shade at the Dollar Tree and it has easily become one of my favorite colors to wear. It's exactly like it sounds, a color reminiscent of wine. The lasting power on this baby is pretty impressive, too. 
  • Friday: Benefit lip gloss in Fauxmance - The consistency of this gloss is quite odd, it feels oily and kind of sits on top of the lips, but it's nice nonetheless. Fauxmance is a peachy pink that's perfect to toss in your purse for whenever you want a little pop of color.

What's your favorite lippie from this week? Do you own any of these? Let me know!

Friday, April 1, 2016

March Empties (#24)

Where in the world did March go? It feels like it was over in the blink of an eye. And as we say goodbye to March, I also say goodbye to a slew of products - some good, some bad. Using up a whole product means you have a pretty good idea of whether or not it's worth repurchasing, and I'll let you know exactly what I would buy again and whether or not you should, too. Check 'em out...

  • Bioderma Micelle Solution (would repurchase) - Everyone and their mom raves about Bioderma, the French micellar makeup remover. It works like a charm to remove all makeup, waterproof and not. I prefer to use a balm cleanser to remove my makeup, but I've got another bottle of this to use up in the future, and then I'll probably stop using cleansing waters. Again, it's not a bad product at all, just not my preferred method of makeup removal. 
  • Alaffia Coconut Water Face Toner (would repurchase) - This toner is all natural, and is made using certified fair trade coconuts. It's gentle, and smells lightly of coconuts. I like that the ingredients are simple and not chemical-laden, and this big size lasted me months. 
  • BeautySecrets Ridge Filler (would repurchase) - BeautySecrets is a Sally house brand, and for the cheap price, this base coat was pretty good. It created a good base to apply polish over and it made my nails feel stronger.
  • Listerine woven floss (would repurchase) - I prefer to use the woven floss because I feel like it does a better job of getting the gunk out of my teeth and it doesn't hurt my gums as much.  This is a constant repurchase for me.
  • Clean For Men (would repurchase) - My husband tried this men's cologne, and spilled half the bottle on himself. I thought it smelled good, but I think my husband was over it after he doused himself in it. It's light and fresh and unique for a men's scent. Honestly, I think even a woman could wear this cologne and get away with it.
  • Benefit They're Real mascara (would repurchase) - This is a fabulous mascara. It really does make your lashes look fake. It adds volume, major length and fullness. I love getting samples of this, and I'm sure I'll get more in some future Sephora orders to use.
  • Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub (would not repurchase) - This scrub was gross. It had a nasty fake kiwi smell and a smattering of kiwi seeds that didn't do much to truly exfoliate the skin. My husband complained that the scent lingered on his face - I didn't have that problem, but the smell was bad enough just using it for a couple minutes of washing.
  • Yes to Coconuts Ultra Hydrating Facial Souffle Moisturizer (would repurchase) - I looooved this moisturizer. It gave the perfect amount of hydration and had a nice light coconut scent. Find a full review here
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (would not repurchase) - My husband used this for his face and he liked it because it's fragrance free. We won't be repurchasing this though, as he's opting for something more natural without weird chemicals or parabens. 

  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation (would repurchase) - I think there's always one of these in every empties, if not every other month. Find a full review here.
  • Michael Todd Intensive Cream Eye Treatment (would repurchase) - This lasted me AGES... I'm talking 6+ months! It worked nicely and felt good under my eyes. Full review here.
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster (would repurchase) - Ugh, I loved this stuff. It smelled like super fresh oranges and felt refreshing on my skin. I'd need to continue using it to see what benefits it provides my skin in the long term, but it didn't do anything bad for my skin for now.

  • Swisspers Cotton Rounds (would repurchase) - I get these cotton pads in a mega pack from Costco. They're great quality - they don't fall apart and they're just thick enough. I'll continue to get these time and time again.
  • Vanedo Beauty Friends Snail mask (would repurchase) - This mask is supposed to moisturize and provide elasticity to the skin. It felt really nice and my skin looked refreshed in the morning. 
  • TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet (would repurchase) - This is as close to a glass of wine as I can have these days. This mask smelled really good, lightly of wine, and it was refreshing. My skin looked quite good the next day after using this and I enjoyed it.
  • Seventh Generation Mandarin body wash (would repurchase) - This was a nice body wash with good clean ingredients. It kind of smelled like dish soap, but I didn't really mind.
  • B&BW French Lavender & Honey shower gel (would repurchase) - I actually really enjoyed this scent, even though it doesn't smell like lavender. I think B&BW shower gels are pretty basic, and I don't like that they're filled with chemicals, but when I get them for free, I use them up.

  • Korres Body Butter in Apple Blossom (would not repurchase) - I've said this before and I'll say it again, I like the Korres body butter formula but I have not found a scent I like. There was something particularly weird about this apple blossom scent that reminded me of cigarettes and perfume. YUCK. 
  • Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil in Bloom (would repurchase) - I have no idea what makes the "in Bloom" formula different than the normal body butter, but whatever. This stuff is really great. It's mega nourishing on the skin and leaves a subtle oily residue that sinks in as the day goes along. This is an awesome lotion if you're pregnant (like I am) and need some extra moisture on your stretching skin.
  • Laura Mercier Souffle Body Creme in Amber Vanille (would repurchase) - This body butter was heavenly. It's very very scented, like so scented you can't wear perfume over it, but it smelled amazing. This particular scent was a delicious musky-bakery type vanilla that I could smell on me all day long. I got a kit of these little sample sizes in various scents for Christmas and I can't wait to try them all out.
  • Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo (would repurchase) - This was a nice shampoo. It smelled good and made my hair feel nice. Full review here
  • Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo (would repurchase) - I actually really enjoyed this dry shampoo. Unfortunately the nozzle got clogged about a quarter of my way through this mini bottle and wouldn't work again so I didn't get to use it all up, but I'd try it out in the full size.
  • HerStyler Hair Serum (would repurchase) - I used this argan oil serum in my hair at night, the evening before I was going to wash my hair. I let it soak in over night to help repair any damage and give my hair a little treat. I wasn't the biggest fan of the smell after continued use, but it was nice nonetheless. Unfortunately I couldn't get the last bit out with the pump, and I'd been using it for months, so I decided to let it go. Full review here.

And that's it. Those are all my empties for March. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!

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