Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Empties #11

My bag of empties is spilling over and you know what that means - it's time to dig through my trash! Why do I do these posts? Because if I've used something up, you can bet I have a solid opinion on the product and it's the easiest way to do a whole bunch of reviews quickly! Ready? Here we go...

L'Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Volume Conditioner - This was just OK. I really love the moisturizing version of this conditioner (in the yellow bottle) but this version didn't wow me. I didn't care for the smell either. Would I repurchase? No. 

Dove Dry Shampoo - This is a really good dry shampoo. It soaks up oil and allows me to skip a wash or two. I'm not crazy about the scent, but I can ignore it because it works so well. It's also cheap, which adds to my love for the product. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Nexxus Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo - This shampoo is expensive. Granted, I found it on clearance when I bought it. But with that said, I wouldn't pay full price for it because I don't think it did anything miraculous to my hair. It compares to any drugstore shampoo I've used. If I saw it on sale again, I'd probably repurchase it, but I wouldn't spend full price. Would I repurchase? No.

B&BW Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow Shower Gel - I purchased this last fall, and oh my GOSH it smelled so good. The scent was seriously amazing. Despite being formulated with shea, it's quite drying so you'll need to use a lotion after your shower if you have drys skin. I really hope this scent is re-released next fall because I will stock up! Would I repurchase? Yes.

Argania Spinosa Organic Argan Oil Special Treatment Masque - I found this hair mask at TJ Maxx about a year ago and HAD to have it because the scent is unreal. It's easily the best smelling hair mask ever and it will make your hair soft and silky. It's made my favorites before for good reason! I loved every minute of this, and sadly I can't find it anywhere to repurchase! I hope I find it again at TJ Maxx because it's great! Would I repurchase? Yes.

Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner - I keep seeing this stuff hyped in magazines, and honestly I'm not sure why. I used up this little sample size just for the heck of it, and I didn't feel like it did anything for my hair but make it smell good. I didn't notice my hair looking shinier or cleaner. It was just a novelty. Would I repurchase? No.

Yes to Cucumbers Calming Night Cream - This was nice. It's a light moisturizer that didn't irritate my skin or break it out. I think this is a good option in the warmer months when you don't need intense hydration. Would I repurchase? Yes.

B&BW Cashmere Glow Body Lotion - I kept this little bottle of lotion on my night stand to use before bed because I'm not a fan of the smell (so I didn't want to use it in the daytime). I don't know why I bought this because I can't imagine I ever DID like the scent. The hydration level was just OK - I started adding argan oil or shea butter in with it since I like a heavier lotion at night. If you like the scent and don't like greasy lotions, this is for you! Would I repurchase? No.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation - Yep, another one of these. Full review hereWould I repurchase? Obviously.

Kiehl's Abyssine Lotion - Unfortunately, this has been discontinued. I mixed this with another moisturizer in the morning for sun and wrinkle protection. It was fine, but I'm not mourning that it's discontinued.

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil - I really  really liked this. It broke down my makeup well, even waterproof mascara! It has a nice citrus scent and this little bottle lasted me forever and a day. I think I'll be purchasing a full size in the future! Would I repurchase? Yes.

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray - I really like the Urban Decay setting sprays.  They do an excellent job of keeping my makeup lasting for hours. De-slick was nice, but I guess I never really noticed if it actually controlled oil on my face. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Landeva Organics Rose Nourishing Toner - I did a full review of this toner sample here. It was nice! Would I repurchase? Yes.

OPI Avojuices in Winter Huckleberry and Vanilla Snowflake - Both of these scents were nice! Winter Huckleberry is subtle, but Vanilla Snowflake is VERY sweet and smells a bit artificial. These provide quick relief from dry hands but they don't penetrate deeply enough so by the next hand wash you'll have dry skin once again. I like them anyway, especially to have in my purse. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara - I really enjoyed using this! It did transfer a bit under my bottom lashes which I hated, but it made my top lashes look full and voluminous. Would I repurchase? Yes.

B&BW Antibac in Brown Sugar & Carrots - This smells exactly like it sounds. It was a nice fall scent. I like to use antibacterial gel before doing my makeup so I'm not transferring anything yucky on my face or in my eyes. I typically use the B&BW versions because they have so many fun scents. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Almay Oil-Free Makeup Removing Towelettes - I wasn't a big fan of these. They irritated my eyes which immediately turned me off. They were wet and got my makeup off, but I won't bother with them again. Would I repurchase? No.

Swisspers Cotton Rounds - I don't normally include these, but I've been experimenting with different options so I thought I'd throw 'em in. I got a huge pack of these at Costco since I like to use these to remove my eye makeup. These are nice. They have a textured side and a normal side, and I prefer to use the softer, normal side. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon - Unnghh, I LOVE Rose Jam. It smells simply amazing... a mix of rose, vanilla and lemon. I split this bubbleroon in two and it made both of my baths moisturizing, bubbly and heavenly scented! Would I repurchase? Yes.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer - I loooove this concealer. It works wonders for concealing dark circles. It's reasonably priced but performs like a high end option. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette in Light - I've had this for ages, so long that they've actually changed the packaging. It's black now, if you want to look for it next time you're in Target. If you need some heavy duty concealer that's light and not cakey, this is the one. I only used the lightest color (which is still a bit too dark for me) but I absolutely love it. I only used this to conceal spots.... it'd be a bit too much for the undereyes methinks. I think the concealer is better in the quad than the ones you can buy individually... the formulation is different. Anyone else notice this? Would I repurchase? Yes.

NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder in Translucent - This is an amazing face powder. It costs under $5, but I think you could fool someone that it cost much much more. It's lightly milled and never makes me look cakey. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir perfume - Yuck yuck yuck yuck. I spritzed this on my wrist and regretted it instantly. This smells like an old lady. I would never in a million years buy this. Would I repurchase? No.

BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre perfume - This perfume, on the other hand, smells absolutely amazing. It's fruity with a bit of spice. If I saw this on sale, I'd totally buy it. Crossing my fingers it shows up at TJ MaxxWould I repurchase? Yes.

fresh Rose Face Mask - Well you know I loved the scent of this. And to make things even better, it has rose petal pieces in the actual mask. I think this is a really great product. It makes my skin feel balanced and soft. If it wasn't expensive and I didn't have a million face masks, I'd buy it. Would I repurchase? Yes.

B&BW 'Tis the Season & Marshmallow Fireside candles - Can you read that it says Snowday 2013 on these two? I bought them last year.... and they sat around because I don't like to burn things out of season. (#candlehoarder) Of the two, Marshmallow Fireside was my favorite because I love "fireside" scents and I love "marshmallow" so duh. 'Tis the Season really does have a Christmasy scent, but it's not really my favorite. Would I repurchase? Yes.

B&BW Black Tie candle - This candle smells like a man's cologne. They bring this scent back around New Year's and it's really nice. I'm not in love with it, but if I got gifted it, I'd burn it. Would I repurchase? Maybe.

B&BW Holly Jolly Christmas candle - I absolutely loved this candle. It honestly smells like Christmas bottled up in candle form. It's sort of a pine-y fruity scent. My husband and I both really liked this one. I hope it gets brought back next year! Would I repurchase? Yes.

What did you use up this month? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!


  1. The thought of Pumpkin Latte and Marshmallows intrigues me. I will certainly have to sniff it if I ever see it at Bath and Body Works. I am almost done with my first bottle of the Covergirl Outlast foundation! I really love the foundation, but the one that I am almost done with is way too yellow for me so I have switched to using the 805 shade as well and mixing just a tad of the 810 in to use it up. I always love doing my empties just to see what I have really been using and loving, I can imagine you are the same! Not to mention how satisfying it is to toss it all! Great empties!

    Pam | Pam's Life

    1. Pam, it smells so good! I hope you find the perfect shade of the Covergirl Outlast foundation because it has become such a staple in my routine. I never stray anymore. I'm a big empties freak and I enjoy watching yours, too! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the Urban Decay setting sprays as well, so awesome.

    Have you done a post comparing dry shampoos? As someone who rocks what I like to call the "hobo-chic" (aka un-showered) look, I'd be super interested to hear about your faves (seeing the empty in this post made me think of it).

    1. Good idea! I haven't done a post like that, but I'll stockpile my dry shampoos and do one big compare post in the future! Batiste is typically my go-to, but there are a lot of good options and it seems like new ones are popping up every day!

  3. Looks like some great products have come to an end but I always have a feeling of accomplishment when I finish something and didn't let it sit on a shelf getting old and going to waste. I can't remember the last time I finished a candle!

    1. Oh definitely! There's always a feeling of accomplishment there. I'm a bit of a candle fanatic - always have one burning. Can you tell? ;)


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