Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Elizabeth & James | Nirvana Black & White

Oh lordy, girls. It's about time we talk about Elizabeth & James scents. They are my latest obsessions. Granted, I'm a tiny bit late to the game, but after Christmas, I finally have both in my possession and I couldn't wait a second longer to talk about them.

Elizabeth & James are a cool, unique duo in the perfume world. Crafted by the uber-popular Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, these scents are polar opposites. As you might suspect, Nirvana White is the lighter, more floral option, while Nirvana Black smells darker, more of sandalwood and earth. 

For those of you who like floral feminine scents, Nirvana White is for you. The most notable scents are peony and musk. It's certainly not overly musky, if you're not in to that kind of thing. It's a very fresh scent, perfect for daytime. I have the rollerball, and it gives off the perfect amount of scent with just a few rolls across my wrists and neck. 

This is a great option for daytime wear in the office or even out and about on the town. It's fresh, and kind of preppy (think Abercrombie, but not in a bad way) and is the perfect spring/summer scent. 

Nirvana Black was the scent I wanted first (before white), and is what ultimately spurred me to lust after Nirvana White. I tend to lean towards scents like Nirvana Black. It's darker (obviously, hence the name), characterized by sandalwood, vanilla and violet. This is a really sexy scent, and is more night-time appropriate, but I've been known to wear it to work, too.  I read that Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen smelled something like hundreds of variations of sandalwood before picking the one they did for this perfume. I can tell, too - it's unique, and doesn't smell like every other classic sandalwood.

The cool thing about both of these perfumes is that they're meant to be worn separately, or layered together. I really like wearing them together. I put Nirvana White on my wrists, and walk through a spritz of Nirvana Black. They smell heavenly together. Despite their complete differences, they work like magic when combined.

Another cool thing - you can get either of these scents in a variety of different formats. Not only is there a spray version (3 oz. or 1 oz.), and rollerballs, but you can also get body oils, and a solid perfume has been released for a limited time. 

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black & White are exclusively sold at Sephora, ranging between $22-$75 depending on the format of perfume you prefer.

Have you given these perfumes a whiff? Which do you prefer? Let me know!


  1. Argh, I've given a whiff of Nirvana White in-store at Sephora and I am in love!! I would pick one up, but realistically, I'm always forgetting to wear perfume. I have a sample of Nirvana Black, and it's pretty nice!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

    1. Really awesome perfumes, both of them. Nice to have for whenever you remember! ;)

  2. I've bought both of everything. I love the smell

    Danielle Mac


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