Friday, January 16, 2015

My favorite kind of haul - a LUSH HAUL!

Oh yeah, it's time for a Lush haul, ya'll! I love love love Lush, but I don't always want to spend the $$$ on all the beautiful Lush things (even though they're totally worth the money) as they are quite spendy. But once a year, on their day after Christmas sale, this girl splurges and doesn't feel bad about it for a second. And really, why feel bad about a BOGO sale? (I SO wish they'd do these a couple times a year! Do you hear me, Lush? It's me, Brianna!) Here's what I got:

I am head over heels in love with Lush's lip scrub, and since the one I have is about expired, I thought I'd try out the Santa's Lip Scrub version. This scrub is red with little heart shaped scrubbies mixed in, and it smells like cola. I don't drink soda, so I love "indulging" with a cola-scented scrub. While I really love the scent, I wish it wasn't red because I feel like I have to be really careful about using it, especially after I apply my makeup (for fear of looking like the Joker). Santa's Lip Scrub is limited edition for the holidays, but you can find other flavors available all year long for approximately $9. 

I also got two luxury bath bombs. The silver star on the left is Star Light, Star Bright. It's completely covered in silver glitter which might turn most people off, but I actually can't wait to bathe in it. (#GlitterFreak) It's formulated with organic shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil and scented with ginger, lavender and lime oil fragrance.

On the right is Snow Angel, which is also slightly glittery. This is actually part bath melt and part bath bomb. For those of you who may be new to Lush, their bath bombs are typically fizzy and bath melts are more luxurious and lotion-like. Snow Angel has a moisturizing cocoa butter base, and is scented with Lush's Marzipan fragrance (the same scent as their popular Snowcake soap).

I've heard nothing but good things about Lush's Hot Toddy shower gel, so I had to pick it up. It smells heavenly, very cinnamon-y with a hint of ginger. I love the beautiful bold red color, and (I'm sensing a trend here) there's glitter mixed through! This is red hots in a shower gel form - I love it. 

I absolutely couldn't pass up a deal on Rose Jam shower gel. Rose Jam is one of my favorite Lush scents. If you've used Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, or the Rose Jam bubbleroon (two of my faves!) this scent is the exact same... it's just in shower gel form. Ultra rosey with hints of vanilla and lemon - I wish I could smell like it all the time. 

I took a chance on the Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion and hit "buy" without ever smelling or trying it. I feel like that is a rather big risk when it comes to Lush products (for me), as I don't always love all their scents. But my risk paid off, and this is a really delightful lotion. It smells like oranges and it's ultra hydrating - and it's still available on sale on the Lush website .. so go grab it!!

Have you tried any of these Lush products? What's your favorite Lush scent?


  1. Lovely picks! The scent of Hot Toddy sounds so up my alley and I love Lush's lip scrubs :)



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