Monday, July 7, 2014

This Week #9

Top to Bottom, L to R: The campfire//My cabin cup//The beautiful view//Winnie loving the lake//Our cabin view
You may have noticed the silence on Glazed Over for most of last week, but I have a good excuse - I was gone fishin' at the cabin! The cabin is a once a year thing for my husband and I and our family, so I take pleasure in fully unplugging - hence missing a few blog posts. 

Last week went by like it was on fast forward. I worked Monday-Wednesday, but squeezed in Puppy II class on Tuesday and dinner with my parents on Wednesday evening. And on Thursday, at 4 A.M.., Jake and I packed up the car and made the 5.5 hour trip to the cabin, Winnie included.

The weekend was a whirlwind of fun. We arrived Thursday around 10, and quickly changed in to our bathing suits and spent the day down on the lake fishing, paddleboating, and watching Winnie experience that much water for the first time. Winnie surprised me with her bravery - she went on the dock a few times and then promptly jumped right in to the water and swam back to shore. She swam so well, you would have thought she'd done it a million times. It was so cute to watch.

On Friday, the rest of the family crew arrived and we again wasted no time getting down to the dock for some morning fishing. We even had a bachelorette party for our new sister-in-law who is getting married in November. The Independence Day holiday was capped off with an awesome firework show put on by my husband and brothers-in-law. 

Saturday was much of the same - I even squeezed in some time to read my book while catching some rays. We soaked up our final day at the cabin, and ended the night with a good game of Cards Against Humanity. We left around 8 A.M. on Sunday and got home early afternoon, prepared to do lots of laundry and TV watching. It's always sad when cabin weekend comes to an end and there's not much energy left to do much else.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend as well! See you all on Wednesday!


  1. Oh it looks lovely! I think it's great to have something like that to look forward to every year x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Absolutely - it's anticipated all year round. Thanks for reading!

  2. We went on a canoe trip this weekend. Ironically, we played Cards Against Humanity on Saturday, too!! LOL


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