Friday, July 18, 2014

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation | Review

Not often do I branch out from my favorite foundations - when I find one I like, I tend to stick to it. Seems odd, right? I'm a beauty addict who loves to sample all the things. However, with my combo/oily skin, not all foundations sit well on my face so I don't like shelling out money on something that may not work for me.

However, earlier this winter, I'd been hearing a lot about the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and was intrigued. My skin was quite dry (due to some medication I was on) and most foundations worked well on me since oil wasn't a big factor, so I decided to try this one out.

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation retails around $7.50 a bottle, and can be found at retail and drug stores. It's available in 16 shades, but I am the lightest - 110 ivory. The foundation has medium coverage, but can be built up for more coverage. It looks natural and dewy on the skin, living up to its "Nearly Naked" name. I've applied this in a variety of ways - beauty blender, brush, and sponge - but my favorite way to apply it was using my Sigma F80 kabuki brush. The consistency is very light and runny, with a sort of oily finish, so the brush allows for easy blending and application. 

For those of you with dry, clear skin, you just might love this foundation. If you've got oily or combination skin, you might want to think twice. When my skin was dry, I could easily wear this foundation all day, getting 6+ good hours of wear. However, with my skin back to it's normal oily/combo self, this stuff slips and slides around on my face, requiring me to re-set it with powder once or twice throughout the day. 

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation is a great option for those with dry or non-oily skin types. It smooths nicely across the face, has a large shade selection, and looks quite natural. For those with oily skin, this will probably slip and slide around and require you to powder your face multiple times throughout the day.

I tend to gravitate towards this foundation for a night out, when I'm only planning to wear it for a few hours. I also like to use it with cream blush, as the finish is natural and dewy. 

Unfortunately, due to the short wear time I get from this, I won't be purchasing another bottle. I'll stick to my tried and true favorite, the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation.

Have you tried the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation? How did it work for you? Let me know!

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