Sunday, July 20, 2014

This Week #10

Clearance beauty haul//paint swatch for the beauty room//Winnie practicing agility//The "Volcano Roll"//Paper wasp hive

Something about this week just felt LONG. It was probably because I woke up Tuesday morning thinking it was Friday... how disappointing. Or maybe it was because we discovered a paper wasp hive under our deck (above) early in the week and I've spent all this week figuring out how to get rid of it because my husband can't be stung or he'll swell up like a balloon. But despite how long the week felt, it was full of wonderful days spent with good people. 

This was Winnie's first week without puppy class, so we indulged in our open Tuesday evening by having friends over for a grill out. We had so much fun that they came over again on Wednesday (this time for our favorite Vietnamese takeout)! Always nice to spend time with good friends.

We spent Friday evening with my sister and family celebrating her 20th birthday. We went to her favorite pizza place, Broadway Pizza, which I really enjoy, too. Saturday was spent buying all the supplies we needed to finally paint my beauty room, which has been an unfortunate lime green since we moved in. Enough was enough, and we settled on the color above - Secret Passage (a gorgeous light gray). The real fun of Saturday was spent with some friends who also have golden retrievers and a large agility area in their yard. You can see Winnie (above) learning how agility dogs pose on the A-frame. 

We didn't want the fun to end come Saturday evening, so after taping off the beauty room to prepare it for being painted today, we went out for sushi with a friend who was visiting town. It had been ages since we went out for sushi, and it was exactly what I was hungry for. Jake's "volcano roll" even came to the table on a flaming plate! (above)

Most of Sunday was spent painting the beauty room. The actual painting took very little time, however the first paint we picked out was far too light so we had to run back to the store this morning and get the next shade deeper. Oh well! I'm thankful for a patient, understanding husband who agreed that we absolutely needed to go back and swap the paint out, even if the store is out of the way and we just wanted to get the painting done. 

How was your week? Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies! See you Monday!

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