Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Week #8

Top to bottom, L to R: Strawberries picked from our CSA//Winnie & I enjoying snap peas//A Friday treat//Hubby manning the parade candy

Happy Sunday! Hope your week was wonderful! This week flew by for me - I can't hardly believe it's already almost over!

We started the week off with Puppy II class, Winnie's favorite thing. She has become so agile and loves to run around on the agility equipment -- faster than I can even keep up with her at times! Makes me think that Agility and Flyball classes are likely in her future. It's so fun to watch her grow and learn. (Bonified crazy dog lady here... watch out!)

On Wednesdays we get to pick up our CSA box, and this week brought two types of kale, strawberries, sugar snap peas, basil and zucchini. I fully expected the zucchini to be the best  thing in the box (because I absolutely LOVE zucchini) but I think my favorite thing was chowing down the sugar snap peas with lunch. Winnie also loved them, as you can see above. She also loved the kale, and was jumping up on the counter to try to get the full head for herself! Like mama, like puppy. ;)

This week was my city's annual week-long celebration - there's food vendors downtown all week, various entertainment like street dances and kareoke competitions, and a parade to cap it all off. I spent Thursday evening volunteering at a booth selling pops and newspapers which was fun - I saw lots of familiar faces! And then Friday, the company I work for led off the parade and you can see my husband above, who stayed in the van and refilled the candy buckets for all the kids walking with us. It was lots of fun!

We've had a rather lazy weekend so far, which is totally fine by me. We got great walks in both Saturday morning and this morning, and we spent Saturday getting things done around the house and having dinner with Jake's family. Today we'll be running lots of errands and then hosting a friend for dinner. And the best part about this Sunday? Knowing we're heading in to a short work week for the Independence Day holiday! YAY!

Hope the rest of your Sunday is fabulous! See you all tomorrow! :)

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