Sunday, June 1, 2014

This Week #6

L to R: A quick trip to the park with my favorites//Fancy nails for a fun occasion//Winnie started teething//Fun makeup
Happy Sunday, everyone! How was your week? I had a simply wonderful one, and a short work week at that! (wahoo!) 

Monday was Memorial Day here in the States which meant no work. We took full advantage of the rather hot, sunny weather and had a grill out with family. As we moved in to our house in September, we haven't been able to truly enjoy our wooded backyard and porch until just now. I find it so recharging to relax with family and enjoy each other's company. It felt like the weekend, yet it was a great way to start the week.

On Tuesday Winnie graduated from Puppy 1 class. Jake and I had a good laugh, as they played the graduation song and everything! She starts Puppy 2 this coming Tuesday which should be really fun. On Wednesday, we noticed Winnie lost her first tooth! One of her front teeth. I'm so glad she's finally teething - I can't wait for her super sharp little baby teeth to be a thing of the past. As of today, she's already lost 4 and I can tell some others are loose!

Thursday brought a final dress fitting for my best friend. I won't spill a single detail, but I will say she looked absolutely STUNNING. I can't wait to share pictures from her wedding day because she is going to be such a beautiful bride. We celebrated with dinner at one of our favorite places, dining out on the patio to soak up the gorgeous weather. 

Friday..... Friday was my favorite day of the week. I don't want to give too much away yet (there's going to be a post dedicated to this coming soon!) but Jake and I were asked by a local photographer and friend to be part of a styled wedding photo shoot. I've seen a couple pictures already, but let's just say I have a huge girl crush on Amy, the photographer, because she somehow worked a miracle and captured some amazingness. The photo on the bottom right (above) is the makeup I did on myself for the shoot. Stay tuned for even more on this coming soon. 

I've been all over the place this weekend doing random things here and there - getting my wedding ring cleaned, taking Winnie to my favorite park in the city I where I went to college, random house chores and overall - spending quality time with my husband and pup.

What have you been up to? Let me know!

Catch ya'll on Monday! Have a great Sunday! 


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