Monday, August 3, 2015

Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo

Ladies, if you're not yet using an eye cream, I don't care how old or young you are -- it's time to start. Protecting yourself from crepe-y, wrinkled, tired-looking under eyes can start at any time. And I know the perfect product to start with if you're in the market.

The Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo is an excellent, unique under eye treatment. It's the world's first Triplex Cellular Infusion Technology, offering Sonic, Ionic and Thermal Heating. This allows for the serum to more deeply infuse in to your skin, accelerating the anti-aging, brightening results you should see.

The Intensive Cream Eye Treatment ($48 for 0.5 oz) itself is a very nice eye cream that I've quite enjoyed using. The main goal of this eye treatment is to combat signs of aging. Clinically patented ingredients aim to diminish undereye circles, reduce fluid retention under the eyes, and stimulate collagen production. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice works to soothe and hydrate the undereye area, and reduce inflammation.

Since using this eye cream, I've paid far less attention to my undereye area -- which is what I specifically look for in an eye cream, because it means it's reducing that "crepe-y" dry look that makes fine lines far more pronounced (and always attracts my attention). I've found the Intensive Cream Eye Treatment to be hydrating, and comfortable to wear under makeup and overnight.

The really cool part of this "Eye Eraser Duo" is the Eye Eraser ($89) itself, the anti-aging diffusion device. After applying the Intensive Cream Eye Treatment on your undereye area, you take the Eye Eraser and gently rub the cream until it is absorbed. The Eye Eraser gets comfortably warm, this relaxes the pore lining for maximum product absorption and stimulates circulation and generates nutrient-rich blood flow for regeneration. 

I find the slight warming and vibration to be really pleasant and enjoyable, and hey -- if it's helping keep my undereyes line-free, even better!

This exclusive bundle is only available at ULTA Beauty Stores Nationwide and for $89.

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