Monday, February 29, 2016

MEMEBOX I'm Stick Shadows + I'm Dual Mascara

Hey everyone! Sorry for the week hiatus - my husband and I spent a gloriously relaxing week in Hawaii (Oahu specifically) and I took that time to step away from blogging. It was the best vacation ever - check out the view from our hike up Diamond Head! But have no fear... I'm back and I've got some good stuff for you! 

Memebox (the coolest Korean beauty mega website!) was ever so gracious and sent me some fun eye goodies to try, all of which are new products to their house line. They sent two of their I'm Stick eyeshadow pencils and a new double-ended mascara, named (you guessed it) I'm Dual Mascara. 

These cream eyeshadow pencils, the I'm Stick Shadows ($11), are inspired by the galaxies, and all have names that sound space-y. The shadows are retractable, so you never have to worry about sharpening them. They are said to be waterproof and crease-free. I was sent the color Spinel (left) and Milky Way (right) - both really beautiful colors.

I thought these colors looked great, but this formula did feel sticky on my eyelids and it did crease as the day went on (that doesn't mean much - I have yet to find a cream shadow that doesn't crease on my oily eyelids). I think if you're a cream eyeshadow fanatic, you'll definitely want to try these out. There are four other colors  and they are all so pretty! 

The I'm Dual Mascara ($15) is marketed as a natural lash extension formula, with 4 mm fiber content (I'm not entirely sure what that means - how many mms is normal in a fiber mascara?). It's formulated with black bean and blackberry extracts to fortify the lashes. The brush on the left is meant for the top lashes, and the smaller brush on the right is teeny tiny and meant to coat the bottom lashes. 

Unfortunately, the top lash formula wasn't a hit for me. It didn't give me enough volume. However, I am obsessed with the little brush for the bottom lashes. It makes it so easy to get a natural full coat of mascara on the bottom lashes and it doesn't smudge at all. 

What are your favorite Korean beauty items? Let me know! 

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