Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Overrated Beauty Products

Nowadays it's hard to tell who you can trust. Most beauty vloggers and bloggers are sponsored and products are sent for free, and to keep that good stuff coming, many v/bloggers don't give honest reviews. I get sent my fair share of products (these posts are always marked at the top with the "press sample" button) but it is my personal goal to always be truthful about my experiences with any given item. You can trust that what's being said on Glazed Over is an honest portrayal of my experiences with a product.

There's a few things I've been steered wrong on and I thought I'd share them with you. Keep in mind, these products might be GREAT for you - but unfortunately they just didn't cut it for me... and there's nothing wrong with that! It's just a matter of opinion.

  • Nuxe Reve de Miel - I have heard endless raves about this lip balm - how hydrating it is, how nourishing and renewing it is. I wonder how many lip balms people have tried when they start in with praises on this product... or are my lips just extra tough and picky? Reve de Miel is so thick and it just sits on my lips without actually making them feel hydrated or nourished, and I've been using this at night for months. I'd rather pay $2 for Carmex than $19 for another pot of this.
  • Kat Von D eyeliner - I consider myself a bit of an eyeliner aficionado; I've tried endless eyeliner pens and wands and I've been drawing eyeliner over my lids every single day for countless years. These Kat Von D liners, of which I've tried 3, are not something I would ever shell out money for ever again. Initially, they apply well - but did you miss a spot, or want to go over an area and darken it up? Well sorry, this is going to smudge away instead of letting you build intensity. That drives me insane, because rarely do I go over a line once and not again to refine it. Spare yourself the cash money and buy the $1 e.l.f. eyeliner pen which trumps these pens by far!
  • Maybelline Baby Lips - Initially, I thought I liked these lippies, especially the ones that add a tint of color.... until I realized how chapped these make my lips. This super thin, drying, dehydrating formula is flimsy on the lips and there are almost zero good for you ingredients listed on the label. Baby Lips aren't worth my time or money and I certainly won't buy any them again.

What products do YOU think are overrated? I'd love to know! 

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  1. I completely agree with what you said about Baby Lips. I loved them when they came out, but over time I found so many better options. Xx


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