Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Zoya Earth Day Haul!

Zoya is my all time favorite nail polish brand so it was a total no brainer to take part in their Earth Day promotion this year. The whole premise is that you get rid of your unhealthy, NOT big 5 free, nail polishes in exchange for a discount on Zoya's nail polish.  Zoya's formula is formulated without harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene (and others), so you can feel good about polishing your paws with their beautiful shades.  

On Earth Day, you can either send in your unwanted shades to Zoya, or choose to dispose of them yourself or donate them. Then, you can purchase 6 shades at half the price! Total win. Here's what I picked up....

From left to right, I purchased Leslie, Kiki and Charisma. Leslie is a beautiful pastel lavender with a turquoise metallic shimmer. It's the only polish I've tried so far - see below for how gorgeous it is. It's hard to capture that turquoise flash on camera!

Kiki is a hot pink with blue duochrome glitter and silver shimmer. Zoya's shimmer polishes are unlike any other I've tried - they're absolutely gorgeous. And lastly, Charisma is a neon purple matte.

The last three, from left to right, are Brittany, Miley and Blu. If you look up swatches of Brittany, you'll see why I bought it. It's a beautiful rosey nude satin. Miley is a light purple creme that is perfect for the spring and summer. And lastly, Blu is a pale baby blue creme. Cremes are my favorite - can you tell?

If you haven't ever tried Zoya's nail polishes, I'd highly recommend them! They have so many colors to choose from and they have awesome lasting power and excellent formulation. Check them out at! 

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