Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C Anti-Aging Moisturizer

I may only be in my mid 20's, but I am ever on the hunt for great anti-aging products for my skin. It's never too early to jump on the prevention train! I was recently sent an anti-aging moisturizer from Trilane formulated with retinol and vitamin C - both powerhouse ingredients for keeping skin healthy and looking fresh. 

Retinol (a fancy name for vitamin A), protects from free-radical damage and increases collagen in the skin. Vitamin C, which also protects against free-radical damage and boosts collagen production, helps fade sun spots and discoloration and reduces inflammation and irritation. Both ingredients are amazing to have in your skincare lineup.

This Trilane moisturizer surprised me because it goes on like an oil, and doesn't dry my skin out -- which is often a concern when using retinols. Just one pump of this moisturizer is all you need. I used this primarily at night as it took quite a long time to sink in to my skin. I really don't think this would sit well under makeup. 

It's hard to say if this has done wonders for my skin after only using this for about 2 weeks. I think it's hard to notice a difference with ANY anti-aging products when you're using them mostly for prevention. But all in all, this has been a nice switch in my nightly skincare routine. I'm sure I will use this bottle all up! My only gripe is how long it takes to soak in to my skin, but other than that - it's all good!

You can buy your own bottle of Trilane Anti-Aging moisturizer on Amazon for $49.99 here! Use code SAVERETC at checkout to save 20% on your purchase! 

Let me know what your favorite anti-aging product is! I'm looking for suggestions! 

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