Monday, May 4, 2015

NEW Chirp Cosmetics | Initial product line review

Chirp Cosmetics is a new cosmetics company based out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario offering gorgeous makeup that is made in small batches by a husband/wife team! All the ingredients in Chirp's packaging and products are sourced from North American suppliers and they actually make everything they sell (down to the packaging!) All products have a natural or mineral base -- which you know I love! So of course, I couldn't wait to try these goodies out. 

There are eyeshadows, lip colors, lip tints, blushes and a finishing powder and I've got them all for you! Let's start with eyeshadows....

As you can see, I was sent testers of all the shadows (above) - they certainly don't come packaged that way, but I have many more uses out of these even after swatching and testing these. All of these shadows are loose powder and made from high-quality base ingredients. There are SO many beautiful colors that pack a pigmented punch. They're buttery and easy to work with. It's not often I want to own every.single.product in a line... but I want full sizes of all of these! For reference, all swatches were done over Urban Decay's primer potion.

L to R: Babydoll, Bronze, Burned, Canyon, Chocolate, Copper
L to R: Disco, Gilded, Midas, Opal, Peach Fuzz, Pixie
L to R: Rumple, Rusty Kettle, Sea Foam, Senseless, Silver + Gold, Spring
L to R: Sting, Storm, Tart
Next up is lipstick. Nearly all of these have some sort of shimmer in them, which isn't typically my style, but I actually found some within this line that I really want to get a full-size of and change up my collection with some lippies that are out of left field for me. All of these are crafted with a natural base, they smooth on nicely, they're comfortable on the lips and can be built up to as va-va-voom as you want to be.

Babydoll (peachy shimmering nude)
Bitten (red pink tint)
Classic (purple pink shimmer)
Coraline (shimmery coral)
Pink'd (Pink with slight purple shimmer)
Pixie (Pearlescent nude -- great for fair gals like me!)
Red Velvet (matte brick red - doesn't look patchy in real life)
Singe (orange red shimmer)
Lastly in the collection are blushes. To be quite honest, all of these are a bit too shimmery for my taste. I like a dewy looking cheek, but these are jam packed with shimmer and pigment. But just because these aren't my style, doesn't mean that they are bad - because they're certainly not! The formulation is lovely and the soft, loose powder makes for easy blending. Check 'em out. OH, and I didn't do a swatch of the transparent face powder. It's a bit too white for my taste, but again, try it out for yourself. You can get sample sizes on the Chirp Cosmetics website.

L to R: Chai, Dahlia, Pinched, Rose Mauve, Sandstone

I have to say, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when I received my package from Chirp Cosmetics, but I am so pleasantly surprised. I have a handful of things I definitely want to order in full-size, and the best part is that each product is really affordable.... I'm talking $10 and under! I highly recommend checking their products out - they do offer sample sizes for order on their website if you want to test the waters first.

What caught your eye from the Chirp Cosmetics line? Let me know - maybe we agree! :)

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  1. I sometimes buy homemade cosmetics on Etsy and bought re-useable containers on ebay to store them in (for ease of use, like 'bare minerals' sells their powders in). Just a tip if you decide to go the all-natural direction!


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