Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Week #13

State fair foods//Gladiolus//Winnie's new toy from dad//Cotton candy crazy//State fair gladiolus//Katy Perry!

Ah, this week was such a blur - it went by so fast! I attribute that to Jake being gone on a work trip, which meant I kept myself busy in order to avoid boredom.

So, Jake left Sunday morning for a work trip in Colorado. Winnie and I weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves, so of course... we went shopping at our favorite stores. Hellooooo TJ Maxx! I couldn't believe how many fall items TJ Maxx has on the shelves - it kind of freaked me out. And then I realized next week is already Labor Day weekend. WHERE DID THE TIME GO, GUYS?! My area of Minnesota has had such a weird summer in relation to weather (We haven't even hit 90! But we might today...) Anyway... I'm just not quite ready to talk about fall and cold weather yet. Sore subject for us Minnesotans who experienced the coldest winter.

Tuesday was My best friend and her husband just recently added a little kitty named Chuckie to their family and they brought him over to meet Winnie. Winnie absolutely loved him, but Chuckie wasn't so sure about our energetic little pup who so badly wanted to be friends. 

I spent Wednesday hanging out with my parents for dinner, and Thursday I prepared myself for the weekend. Because on Friday, my friend Paul and I (who you might remember from this post) saw Katy Perry! OH my gosh... it was so much fun. That girl can sing and put on an epic show! 

Saturday was also fun - spent with family at the Minnesota State Fair. It's something we all look forward to every year, and you can see the food items I both devoured and nibbled on all day long up above. We were pretty pooped by the end of the day, and Sunday has already been spent napping on the couch and being generally lazy. 

How was your week?! I hope it was great and you're enjoying the rest of the weekend. See ya Monday, folks!

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