Monday, August 25, 2014

Burnin' Up #3

August has finally brought the heat here in Minnesota! My home town has not yet hit 90 all summer (crazy, I know - we were 2 degrees away today!) but we have experienced some hot and humid days and so I cracked out some candles that are perfect for the season. 

The big candle I've been burning on my kitchen island is Bath & Body Works' Snap Peas, in the oh so cute mason jar glass. The lady who rang me up when I bought this thought it was weird I was purchasing it (and there really weren't many gone from the shelf) but I love novelty scents like this and I had to have it. I think I bought this back in February, so unfortunately I don't believe you can get this in stores, however it is still available on Bath & Body Works' website. It's half off right now! Snap Peas has a very fresh, summery garden scent and truly smells like you're sticking your nose in a bag of sugar snap peas. It doesn't give off a super strong scent, but it will make wherever you put it smell fresh and earthy.

Lemon Mint Leaf is my bathroom candle. This is just a little mini, also made by Bath & Body Works. This is a super old candle that I've had sitting on my shelf waiting to burn for way too long. My husband commented how much scent the little candle had, and he's right - this lil' thang packs a punch! It smells absolutely delightful, really fresh and clean and exactly like you'd expect lemon + mint to smell. I don't love these teeny candles because they don't last very long, but I think I got this on sale a long time ago so I figured I better just burn it up already.

What are you burning? Have you tried either of these candles? Let me know!


  1. I've had the lemon mint leaf candle and I love how fresh it smells. I stocked up on pumpkin candles during their sale and can't wait for fall

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm dying to try out some of their new fall scents!

  2. snap peas sounds like such an interesting scent! right now I'm obsessed with honey and lavender!


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