Sunday, April 29, 2012

China Glaze - Dress Me Up

I still haven't finished testing out all of my polishes from China Glaze's Hunger Games inspired 'Colours From the Capitol' collection so I figured this weekend I would come back to them since it's been a couple weeks. This is two coats of Dress Me Up. 

I could have sworn this color was more of a dusty pink, but apparently my eyes were playing tricks on me. It looks much more like a light brown, with a very subtle hint of dusty pink. Even though it's not what I expected, I really like the color. It's professional and classy, but not really in season. This will make for a great autumn polish (as will some of the others from this collection, which I might hold on to until then!).  The application was surprisingly not-so-stellar. It dried really fast and was really globby, unlike most of the China Glaze polishes I have. Once it dries it looks fine, just a bit of a pain to apply. 

Was anyone else surprised this wasn't as pink as it appears in the bottle? Or am I just crazy?

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