Monday, April 9, 2012

China Glaze - Fast Track (and pedicure)

Today I am wearing another from the Hunger Games inspired Colours from the Capitol collection by China Glaze. This was the color I was most excited about when I first saw the line up for this collection, and even once I bought it. I love a good neutral polish, and this looks exceptionally beautiful as it's filled with small gold flake shimmer.While I do love this polish, I was disappointed with the application. It was really goopy and took a while to dry, and was even brushing off as I applied the top coat. It globbed up on the ends of my nails, and I thought for sure it would look awful once it dried - but actually, it looks pretty good despite the hell of painting it on (shocking for a China Glaze polish, in my experience). 

All in all, despite the application flaws, this is a great neutral polish. It has some oomph for a neutral - definitely one you can wear in a professional setting while still showing some personality. Plus, it looks really amazing in sunlight!

On another note, my future mother in law took me and my future sister in laws out for birthday pedicures (as our birthdays fall right around the same time). I picked out a bright purple from Color Club (which I didn't happen to catch the name of, unfortunately) and got a pretty flower painted on as well. I love getting a pedicure, and I'm really happy with how this one turned out! 

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