Thursday, May 3, 2012

Zoya - Kate (Blogger Series)

I am an avid fan of Birchbox and have been a subscriber since this fall (after months of almost signing up and then passing for some reason I can't explain), and have been accumulating Birchbox points by reviewing all the products month after month. I hadn't really found something I wanted to use my points on yet, but this week I finally put my points to good use and got the Zoya Blogger collection, available exclusively from Birchbox. 

This beautiful grapefruit pink jelly is Zoya - Kate, inspired by The Small Things. I love this polish, it looks like I have candy on my nails! It's perfect for summer. Since it's a jelly you can see a bit of the nail lines underneath, but I think it looks really pretty regardless.

Did any of you pick up this collection, too?

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