Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love & Beauty - Unnamed Polish

I know it's spring and I should be wearing all sorts of fun pastels, but for some reason, today I was craving something more vampy. And that's where this beauty of a polish comes in. This is an unnamed Love & Beauty polish that I got in a set for my birthday about a month ago. It's a beautiful eggplant colored creme polish, it's a shame it doesn't have a name! Just two coats and it was good to go! It looks much more purple in the sun, but in the shade it tends to look brown or black. 

Normally I don't like to wear such dark colors, as my skin is obviously very fair and dark colors are such a contrast, but this polish gives me hope that perhaps I can branch out a bit more than I normally do. I think it would look awesome with some gold or bronze stamping over the top, but I was feeling lazy. Next time. :)

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