Monday, September 19, 2016

Elizabeth & James | Nirvana Bourbon & Rose

I am such a fan of the original Elizabeth & James Black & White fragrances - they're easily in my list of top perfumes. You may recall I did a review on them back in the day. This fall, two new versions were added to the line - Bourbon (the brown bottle) and Rose (the red bottle). Without even a single whiff, I ordered them on the Sephora website as fast as I could, knowing I wouldn't regret it for a second.

Spoiler alert - I was right about how awesome these are. These perfumes are simply amazing. I think if you like the first two iterations of this perfume, you will easily love these next two. 

Nirvana Bourbon is the perfect fall/winter scent, or sexy date night aroma. Sephora's website describes it as a mix of oakwood, vanilla bourbon, and a hint of tuberose. I get a whiff of musk in there, even though it doesn't say anything about musk. This is definitely the heavier of the two fragrances, and if you're not a fan of amber, sultry, smoky scents, this is not for you. Furthermore, I think if Nirvana Black was your favorite of the original scents, you're going to be a big fan of Nirvana Bourbon, as the two are similar (although different!). A full size 1.7 oz bottle retails for $85 on the Sephora website. I picked up the rollerball which was only $25.

Nirvana Rose on the other hand, is something that can be worn any time of year, and is maybe more suited for summer, unlike Nirvana Bourbon. Nirvana Rose is described as a blend of rose de mai, geranium and vetiver. It's certainly rosy, but I think even those who aren't over the top about rose-scented products will enjoy this take on the floral note. This is easily the lighter of the two fragrances, and will probably be favored more by the general public than the darker, more unique Bourbon scent. If you're a fan of Nirvana White, Nirvana Rose is your obvious next purchase. Much like I said with the other fragrance, White and Rose are very similar, but have their obvious differences, too. Pricing for Nirvana Rose is the same as listed above for Nirvana Bourbon. 

The cool thing about both of these fragrances is that they mix together easily, so you can create a unique scent of your own by layering them as you choose. If you own both Nirvana Black & White, you have a handful of combinations to test out and find which you prefer. (I almost never wear White or Black alone, but typically some sort of combination of the two each time).

Very few perfume releases excite me these days, as it seems many scents are just so predictable or rip offs of something else, but that is untrue for the Nirvana line. It's in a league of it's own, and unlike any other perfumes I've smelled or owned in the past. These four perfumes are exclusively sold at Sephora, so make sure next time you're in the store you give them a whiff! I can't recommend them enough! 

What Nirvana perfume is your favorite? Let me know in the comments - I'm always curious which iteration people prefer most. 

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