Friday, September 2, 2016

August Empties | #29

Happy September, ya'll! Can you even believe the summer is drawing to an end? I have no idea where the time has gone. While I'm sad to see summer go, I absolutely love fall and I'm excited for pumpkins, apple cider and cozy sweaters. The end of August also means it's empties time and I used up a bunch of different products. Keep reading for mini reviews on each item and recommendations on what to purchase.

  • Shea Moisture Replenish & Rejuvenate Body Polish (would not repurchase) - This smelled great and the ingredients are good but it was a pretty weak scrub. There are mini beads in a creamy base and they just don't exfoliate my skin enough. I ended up using this as a body wash with a loofah and that worked fine. I'll stick to Tree Hut sugar scrubs in the future though.
  • NKD SKN Tinted Tan Liquid (would repurchase) - This is a good self tanner. It's fool proof and easy to use. See full review here. 
  • Waxelene (would repurchase) - This lip balm is a nice alternative to petroleum products if you don't want to use them. This is very basic, unscented, nothing very special, but it'll hydrate your lips and the ingredients are good!
  • Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeliner (would repurchase) - This was a good creamy nude eyeliner that I used in my waterline to make my eyes look bigger and more awake, but it's old and I don't want to use anything old on my eyes. 
  • Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder (would repurchase) - I really liked this setting powder. It doesn't have gross ingredients and it's affordable. I purchase mine on Vitacost where it's a little bit cheaper. (click here for a $10 coupon to Vitacost, affiliate link)
  • Algenist Lip Renewal Balm (would repurchase) - This balm came in a Christmas set and it was fine -- nothing special. I used it at night (even though it has SPF in it) and it nourished my lips. It doesn't have a scent so if you avoid fruity or fragranced lip balms, you might like this. 
  • Aveeno Nourish + Shine Conditioner (would repurchase) - I liked this conditioner. It made my hair soft and easy to brush.
  • Proganix Coconut H2O + Electrolytes Quench Shampoo (would repurchase) - I really like the Proganix shampoos and conditioners. This one smelled great; even though I don't typically like coconut scents, this is one I really enjoyed. See full review here.
  • St. Tropez Gradual Tan Anti-Ageing Multi-Action Face lotion (would not repurchase) - This was just an OK tanner for the face. It smelled like tanner, which is gross, and it never really did much for me
  • L'Occitane 5 Essential Oils Shampoo (would not repurchase) - This worked fine and got my hair really clean, but the smell wasn't my favorite and it costs more than I prefer to spend on a shampoo. 
  • Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Souffle Body Creme (would not repurchase) - This little body lotion was part of a set I got at Christmas. The lotion itself is very moisturizing and makes my skin feel soft and smooth, but this is highly scented, so much that you definitely can't wear a perfume with it. I wasn't a big fan of this particular scent, so I wouldn't repurchase, especially because a full size is ridiculously expensive.
  • Korres Body Butter in Guava (would repurchase) - This was part of a mini sample pack, and of all the lotions, this was my favorite scent. It didn't really smell like guava, but it didn't smell bad either. Korres products have good ingredients and these lotions are hydrating without being greasy. I liked it!
  • Devita Essential Control for Blemishes (would repurchase) - This wasn't a miracle for blemishes, but the ingredients are A+ and I do think it helped prevent further breakouts from forming. This is a great option if you're pregnant and need to avoid traditional acne-fighting ingredients. See full review here.
  • Humphrey's Witch Hazel in Citrus (would repurchase) - I used this witch hazel as a toner and I enjoyed it. It smells amazing and I like that it has natural antiseptic properties that help fight acne. 
  • Rodan + Fields Daily Cleansing Mask (would not repurchase) - This cleanser is meant to be used like a mask. You apply it to your face, then let it sit, then wash it off. I don't have time to cleanse my face like that most days. I didn't completely use this up, but it's old, so it's got to go. This would not be something I'd purchase, especially because it's quite expensive and I didn't think it did a good job of cleaning my face. See full review here.
  • Aquaphor (would repurchase) - I love Aquaphor for healing dry skin. If ever my nose is dry, or I have a patch of dry skin, I slather aquaphor on it before bed and it's healed by morning.
  • Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste (would not repurchase) - I don't know, I just don't really care for this toothpaste. It's not natural enough and it wasn't very refreshing.
  • Listerine Mint Floss (w0uld repurchase) - This is my favorite floss. It's braided so it's thick enough to get everything out from between my teeth. I've purchased this many times and I already have a backup.
  • Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Gel (would repurchase) - I love this teeth whitening system because it really does get my teeth sparkly white. See full review here
  • Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion (would repurchase) - I've purchased a full size of this before, just in a different formula (there's a few kinds), and I like it! I wasn't a huge fan of the smell of this kind, but it's a good product to have if you're in a pinch but still want to have hydrated skin without applying lotion after a shower.
  • Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub (would repurchase) - I really liked this cleanser. It had the perfect amount of scrubbiness to it and my face felt really clean after using it. I don't have any blackheads so I can't speak to how well it removes them, but I liked how it made my skin feel and I'd like to get this in a full size. 
  • Pur-Lisse SPF 30 Sunscreen (would not repurchase) - As much as I liked using this SPF moisturizer for my face, I think it made me break out so I wouldn't buy it in a full size.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Bath Herbs (would repurchase) - New mamas, you need these. I went through a box last month, and I used up one more, and I definitely think it helped speed along my healing. In general, this makes a nice herbal bath soak that's good for your lady parts even if you haven't had a baby recently.
  • AuraCacia Lavender essential oil (would repurchase) - I diffuse lavender at bed time at least three nights a week. It's a great way to naturally make a room smell fantastic and it helps promote calm and relaxation. 
  • Yankee Candle in Summer Wish (would repurchase) - This used to be one of my favorite YC scents (until I just got sick of it). It has great scent throw and is obviously a great summer scent. Fresh and a bit fruity.
  • B&BW Sundrenched Vineyard Candle (would repurchase) - This smelled great and had awesome throw. This fruity wine scent was perfect for  the end of summer. This was a scent that came out a couple years ago, but I have seen it brought back before.
  • B&BW Villa Bergamot Candle (would repurchase) - Another oldie but goodie from B&BW that's been hanging out in my backstock. It has a strong bergamot scent with notes of lavender and geranium. This was nice, and definitely something worth picking up if they bring it back again. 

That's all my empties! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts!

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