Friday, September 25, 2015

Smile Brilliant | Customized Teeth Whitening Review

I am alllll about white teeth. I've tried many a teeth whitener, and am an every-other-year Crest Strip user. So, when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to to see if I wanted to try their customized, professional-grade whitening system, you can bet my answer was "YES PLEASE!" (especially after this so-so whitening experience earlier this year)

Smile Brilliant was created to offer professional whitening capabilities at a fraction of the cost of whitening at a dentist's office. 

When you purchase a Smile Brilliant kit, you get a package in the mail that looks like the one above. In it, you'll find two trays to make molds of your teeth, three base pastes and catalyst pastes which you'll use to make the molds of your teeth, and three vials of whitening gel, and of course an instruction manual to walk you through the whole process.

The process is simple. You start by flossing and brushing your teeth. Then, take one tub of base paste and one tub of catalyst paste and mix them together until the paste is only blue, and no white remains. Once mixed, set the paste evenly in one of the trays provided. Immediately make your impression by pushing your top teeth in to the tray; allow the mold to set for 2 minutes before removing. Do this whole process again for the bottom set of teeth. 

Once the impressions are made, let them sit for 30 minutes, then run them under cool water and them mail them back to Smile Brilliant so they can create your custom whitening trays. Your custom trays will be shipped to you within 5 days of them receiving your molds. It's a rather quick process. 

When you get the trays, the fun begins! Above are my trays, which fit my teeth perfectly! To whiten, open one of the vials of whitening gel, and squeeze a small amount along the front side of the tray, pop them in your mouth and keep them there for as long as you wish. Be warned, whitening your teeth can cause some sensitivity in your teeth or gums. I had very little sensitivity while using the Smile Brilliant system, but everyone is different. Discontinue use if it becomes painful or uncomfortable. 

I am really happy with the results I achieved using Smile Brilliant. My teeth were not horribly stained or yellowed to begin with, but I always noticed my teeth looking whiter with each use. What you see above are the results of 5 or so uses over the course of about 45 days.

The whole set can be purchased at for $119. I know, your first thought was probably "WHOA $119!!| But, you get 3 whole vials of whitener. After 5 uses, I'm not even through my first vial. I've got enough whitener to last me for ages! It's completely economical (considering you'll spend $50+ for a 2 week supply of Crest White Strips) and the results are real. I'd highly recommend SmileBrilliant - it's my new favorite way to whiten my teeth! 

Use coupon code "glazedoverbeauty" to save 5% on your Smile Brilliant purchase! 

What's your favorite way to whiten your teeth? Let me know in the comments!

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