Friday, March 11, 2016

Eco Friendly Skin Exfoliators

I'm a big fan of exfoliating not only my face, but my body. I feel like most often, exfoliation is talked about in relation to self-tanning, but there are so many reasons to exfoliate your skin regularly whether or not you use self tanner. It gets rid of dry skin on your body, it keeps pores from getting clogged, and allows your skin to regenerate faster so skin looks and feels healthier. 

I like a rough exfoliation, and most times I use a glove on top of a rough scrub to really get my skin feeling soft and brand new. I was recently sent the Thermalabs 3-pack of Eco Friendly Exfoliators and I'm excited about these mitts. Each mitt is made with a different texture, some a little softer or rougher than others.

These mitts will help you get your skin baby smooth. Personally, I'd recommend pairing it with an exfoliating scrub (like these) for extra smoothing power. If your skin is sensitive, these will work fine without any added scrub on top. Throw a mitt in your shower and make it part of your shower routine, scrubbing away dead skin as the last step in your routine, and then lotion up when you're out. Do it once or twice a week, and you'll be amazed at how great your skin feels.

The mitt on the far left is made out of Sisal, which is a type of agave plant. This is probably the least rough mitt in the pack. Over time, the fibers will smooth out and become more polished. 

The mitt in the middle is made from Jute, a natural fiber. After cotton, it's the most used and produced vegetable fiber. It's organic, recyclable and biodegradable (score!). It's durable, and will hold up over much use. This is probably somewhere along the middle of the road in terms of abrasiveness.

Lastly, the mitt on the right is made from Bamboo Fiber and Loofah. This feels quite rough, but once wet down, the mitt softens and becomes more flexible. The mix of bamboo, which is soft and absorbent, and loofah, which is gentle and softens when wet, makes for a really great exfoliating mitt.

These mitts can be purchased on Amazon for $15.95, a great price. 

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  1. I've recently started making sure I exfoliate with a scrub - it really does make a big difference. I've never used a mitt before though, but now I really want to!

    Steph -


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