Monday, April 27, 2015

Up & Up Luminous White Whitening Wraps

Every 2 years or so, I get the itch to whiten my teeth. That's probably entirely too often, but I'm a coffee and tea drinker and that doesn't make for very pearly whites. As I was in Target a couple weeks ago, I was just about to grab a box of Crest White Strips when my eyes darted to these Up & Up Luminous White Whitening Wraps, Target's brand of white strips. They cost a mere $15 and I saved 5% off with my Target card, and I think there was even a Cartwheel special when I picked these up, so I spent less than that. I figured I'd give these a shot. At worst, I'm out $15 and my time, and at best, I've found the cheapest white strips ever! 

The Luminous White treatment is a 7-day treatment; you use them once a day for 30 minutes. The wraps are an interesting texture, made of wax that you form around your teeth. The whitening stuff is on the inside of the wraps. Because they're wax, they easily form to your teeth as the heat from your mouth warms them. They're quite thick, but they stick nicely to the teeth if your teeth are dry before applying them. My only complaint is that the hard wax had a tendency to cut up my tongue. 

Here's what you're really here for.... the proof of whether or not they work.

I should say up front, my teeth weren't horribly yellow to begin with. I take good care of my teeth and my toothpaste usually has some sort of whitening ingredient in it. But, with these white strips I think you'll get what you pay for. You can see that some of the surface staining has been removed, but my teeth aren't beaming white by any means. I've used Crest Whitestrips in the past and saw results at least 2 shades whiter than this. If you want a whitening boost without spending $50 on the Crest version, these are a decent option. I do think in a couple months I'll give Crest Whitestrips a go to really whiten my teeth, however.

I'm always on the hunt for the best whitening method. If you've got a fool-proof method - please share with me in the comments! 


  1. Interesting, it's a huge price difference between these and Crest, and I don't think I've ever spotted these in Target before. They seem like a funny texture!

    Beauty Loon

    1. I nearly missed them - the packaging does NOT stand out on the shelf. It's a shame they don't work a bit better because they are SO cheap!

  2. My 1st day using this product and my front teeth are KILLING ME! I feel that they have been sanded with a Very abrasive sanding machine! The pain is constant and neverending! I wish sum1 wudv Told me it hurts this bad!

  3. Have them in my mouth now. I was going to target myself to get the crest but then I saw these .


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