Friday, February 20, 2015

Teadora Body Polish | Rainforest At Dusk

Confession: I don't exfoliate as often as I probably should. Especially in the winter time when my skin is more dry, I really should exfoliate to get rid of dead skin and keep it healthy. Can anyone relate?! The only time I can really be bothered to use a scrub is prior to a spray tan, but regardless, I was intrigued by Teadora's Rainforest Body Polish. I chose the scent Rainforest At Dusk.

This scrub is formulated with antioxidants, vitamins, oleic and fatty acids and other powerful botanicals such as Argan Plant Stem Cells. Ingredients like acai seeds and amazonian clay are included as powerful exfoliating agents. 

There are two scents to choose from in the Teadora Body Polish line, Rainforest At Dusk and Rainforest At Dawn. The scent I have, Rainforest at Dusk, has hints of Rose Absolute and Geranium as well as coconut and orange.

Unfortunately.... I don't sense any of those scents. It smells straight up awful, which I hate because I truly wanted to like this scrub! The bottle is cute, the branding is kitschy, but I can NOT get over the scent which reminds me of icky old lady perfume. The grit is good, the ingredients are good, but that smell..... woof. I hold out hope that Rainforest At Dawn smells infinitely better, because then I could get behind this scrub 100%!

I wish I could recommend it, but I just can't. Not every product is one to be raved about, and I strive to keep things real on Glazed Over. If you do see Rainforest At Dawn out and about, give it a whiff and let me know if it's good - because if it is, snatch it up - the scrub itself is worth it! 

What's your favorite body scrub?

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