Monday, November 10, 2014

MEMEBOX Superbox #55: Free From Oil & Trouble 4

Last week on my Instagram account, I alluded to a post that would be coming to Glazed Over shortly. I have to admit, I've been so excited about this post that I couldn't even draw out the suspense any further - today I've got for you my very first Memebox review!

What is Memebox (prononounced Mi-Mi Box), you ask? Memebox is the #1 beauty box provider in Korea - offering boxes full of awesome Korean cosmetic samples. Memebox carries 4 main types of beauty boxes: Memebox, Memebox Special Editions, Superbox and Luckybox, as well as full-sized items in their shop.

Memeboxes are not monthly subscription based, but rather selected upon release, so you never have to be disappointed! When you register at, you'll get emails alerting you to new boxes being released, and you can choose whether or not the box suits you and if you'd like to purchase one. It's awesome!

Take a look through this post, and if you like what you see, I've got a coupon code to save you money! COUPON CODE:  Use code 1NQ1JQ at checkout to save $5 off your purchase of $30+! This code is good through Nov. 30, so make sure to order now to save some dough!

This month, I got the Superbox #55: Free From Oil & Trouble 4. Superboxes carry full-sized products catered to specific needs. Truth be told, I do have oily skin and am always on the look out for ways to cut down the amount of oil my skin produces. Here's what my Memebox came with:

Pro You Aroma AC Cream - This cream consists of green tea, grapefuit and other beneficial extracts that work to tighten up pores and control sebum. One thing I really like about this cream is that is contains essential oils like juniper berry, lavender and tea tree to soothe and purify irritated skin.

Benenet Herb & Bee A.C. Control Serum - This serum contains bee venom (eek!) which is supposed to repair and protect the skin. It is also formulated with herbal extracts like sophora root, eucalyptus, grapefruit, citron, and clove flower to maintain healthy skin.

The Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Toner - This is a spray toner that is said to soothe blemishes and balance the skin's moisture level. It's enriched with tea tree extracts for a healthier complexion. 

ideeB Goodbye Oil Compact - This is a translucent powder for keeping oil at bay, and is good for all skin shades. This is the perfect thing to throw in your bag for use on the go.

insobeau Acnic Blemish Spot Solution - This formula is half liquid, half pink powder, and can be used to target blemishes on the skin. This reminds me of a Korean version of the Mario Badescu drying lotion. 

Lindsay Linzy Egg Pack - HOW COOL IS THIS?! These 2 "eggs" are soaps. The white egg is made from real egg whites and witch hazel for cleansing and unclogging pores. The red egg is made with red clay and NMF complex to tighten pores.  These are meant to be used together. So fun!

BONUS - I also got sent this Halloween box (Superbox #59 Halloween Special), but since the package came after Halloween was over, it's kind of a bust, but I still wanted to show you what I got!

This Halloween Superbox came with a variety of fun things to spruce up any costumed look. 

There are three face colors: REVECEN Face Control Foundation which can be used to white out the face. It's suitable for all skin types and contains just natural preservatives like green tea extract and magnolia extract so it's nice and gentle on the skin.

REVECEN Cake Eye Liner in Black is a hard powder type formula that can be used as an eyeshadow, OR you can mix in a bit of water to make it a gel-like eyeliner. Cool that it can be used wet or dry! REVECEN Supra Lining Color in Purple is a face and body paint that can be used for a variety of looks. 

This box also includes REVECEN Eye Lashes, as well as REVECEN Liquid Lipstick in Blood. The lipstick is designed to resemble blood, and can be used on the lips or to mimic blood  elsewhere for a scary costume that includes a bloody scar or bleeding eyes, or whatever you want to bleed... ahh!

On top you'll see a couple different fake tattoos. On the left are the LALANC Real Tattoos which are easy to apply, long lasting and waterproof. On the right are Elizavecca Lip Tattoos, which I find to be a hilarious concept! These are actually made for use on your lips!

Have you ever bought a Memebox? Let me know your thoughts and whether you like these kinds of posts!


  1. The two egg packs are the cutest!

  2. I like the variety within the Memebox. I have oily skin as well so it's nice to hear that I can pick a particular box. :] // ☼ ☯

    1. Absolutely. There's something for everyone. Fun to try things that you can't pick up in any old store, as well.

  3. This looks like a very generous box! I love the egg-shaped soap, so cute and cool!!! :)


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