Monday, November 24, 2014

KISS InstaWave | The Easiest Curls EVER!!

I'll be honest - I've never been very good at curling my hair. All through high school and even the early years of college, I'd pull out a curling iron and totally botch my hair style, never understanding how girls got their hair to look so effortlessly beautiful when curled. It wasn't until I was 22 when my best friend sat me down, and curled my hair for me and showed me EXACTLY what she was doing and what products she used. Then the lightbulb went off in my head - OHHH! That's how you do it!

But if I would have had the KISS InstaWave during my confused high school years, I think I would have been A-OK. Honestly, this is the simplest hair curling tool I have ever used and it makes curling your hair a complete and total breeze. Truth be told, when I was contacted about trying this product, I was hesistant because I'm not too gung-ho about all these new curling iron fads, but I agreed regardless and I am SO glad I did! (and let me be clear: despite being sent this product, I do not guarantee positive reviews, so this is a completely honest rave review! See my disclosure policy here.)

Above you'll see the easy, 4-step instructions. I'm not sure you even need to read these... it's that simple. Literally, all you need to do is put a section of hair against the barrel, and hold the arrowed button whichever way you want your curls to lay (going away from your face, or towards it). Hold the hair on the barrel for a few seconds and pull hair off diagonally, and boom - you've got a perfect curl! That's IT! I'm serious.

The outside grabby things (technical term, obviously) grab all the hair and help spin it around the barrel, while the closer grabby thing (see top pic for better visual) holds it all there as it curls. 

At first I thought there was no way it was going to hold my hair tight enough against the barrel, but it totally does!

And then I thought - well, that first one must have been a fluke, it's totally going to tangle my hair up. But it never did! I did my entire head and not once did my hair tangle around the barrel. 

And then the skeptic in me thought there was no way it was going to make an even curl that doesn't look tangly and gross, but it made the most perfect curl! See... I can prove it! The image below is the result from the picture above.

Ta-da! It's so simple. I've been struggling with curling my hair since chopping it "short" (short for me) and I have found the answer in the InstaWave!

Here's what the final result looks like. I like to brush my curls out to make them look a bit more natural, so that's what I did to achieve this look.

Some other cool features of the InstaWave? It automatically shuts off after 90 minutes (a plus if you're forgetful like I am), and it heats up to 420 F and has a high/lo setting (I used high, just as a reference).

I can honestly tell you, if you struggle with curling your hair (because I can NOT be bothered with anything but curling wands.... the clippy thing on curling irons just does not work for me.) or you want a curling iron that's totally foolproof - this is the answer. I am honestly in love with this thing and I am excited to finally have an easy way to achieve amazing curls that last!

You can purchase the KISS InstaWave at three different locations - Target, Ulta and Amazon. It retails for $60, but it looks like it's on sale for just $49.99 at Target if you buy now! 

Let me know if you've tried this curling iron or if you plan to! I'd love to know how you like it!


  1. Good review and thanks for stopping by my blog :) I always like seeing how other people use the products that I review as well. I loved this curler and alternating between forward and backward curls created a nice effect.

    1. Thanks, Erica! I loved it, too. Creates the most beautiful curls effortlessly!

  2. It's normally the weird looking contractions that I am wary of, yet this seems to do an amazing job! Your hair looks beautiful! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

    1. Absolutely. I almost always steer clear of gimmicky products, but this one is totally amazing.

  3. Great Post, your curls look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Kate x

  4. Sounds like a realllyy good curly wand, I love how easy it is to use!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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