Monday, March 20, 2017

HASK Greek Yogurt Collection | NEW!

You guys, Hask is such an underrated drugstore hair brand. I've tried a bunch of their different lines (exhibit 1, exhibit 2) and I've loved them all. They're affordable, easy to find, and they actually work! 

Hask has recently launched a Walgreens exclusive, their new Greek Yogurt line. There are three different scents with different motives; personally, I tried the Blueberry & Acai line which is for repairing. There is also Fig & Honey for hydration, and Pomegranate & Cranberry for color protection. 

This collection, while sort of gimmicky, is pretty cool. (Is greek yogurt about to be the new wonder ingredient in the beauty world? Hask might be on to something here...) There's supposedly real greek yogurt and fruit extracts in with all the usual hair washing & conditioning shiz to "feed" your hair with nourishing ingredients. 

As you can see, there's two chambers to the bottle. The inside is greek yogurt which has calcium, minerals and other good things that are beneficial for the hair. The outside is the fruit extract blend. The Blueberry & Acai blend repairs damaged hair with essential vitamins. 

If you look closer at the shampoo bottle in the first image, you can see there's a white bottle inside the clear part, where the greek yogurt is. Kind of cool, but might be annoying towards the end when one may run out faster than the other. Again, dual chambered products for hair care is a bit of a gimmick in my book. There's no reason this stuff can't mix...

I'm not sure if there's legit greek yogurt in these, because yuck... wouldn't that smell rancid at some point? Or need to be in a refrigerator? I seriously don't know, but what I do know is that these washed and conditioned my hair really well. My hair felt soft and clean and also smelled nice. And that's really what I look for in a shampoo + conditioner. 

I don't see these for sale on the Walgreens site, so I'm guessing these are an in-store exclusive. Typically, Hask shampoos & conditioners retail for around $5.49 a bottle, which is pretty darn cheap. Check them out - I'd recommend any of the Hask lines!

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