Wednesday, June 15, 2016

StriVectin HAIR | Max Volume Line

When you think of StriVectin, chances are you aren't thinking about hair products. StriVectin has long been an anti-aging skincare brand, with an arsenal of products meant to keep your skin looking young and fresh using top of the line ingredients. But it's time to change your thinking, StriVectin has launched itself in to the hair world, and while I was quite skeptical of how these would work, I have to admit I was blown away.

There are three total lines in StriVectin's new haircare range, Max Volume (what you see above), which aims to strengthen hair and plump it up, Ultimate Restore for extra nourishment of damaged hair, and Color Care for overly processed and color treated hair. 

I put the Max Volume line to the test, starting with the shampoo and conditioner ($23 each for 8.5 oz). Both of these products claim to provide volume and body, radiance and luster without weighing hair down, and removal of excess buildup. I can honestly say that these delivered on all three of those promises. My hair looked noticeably shinier and felt clean and volumized. Another benefit? These smell AMAZING. Like a fancy perfume that lingers all day in your hair. I would seriously buy them just for that smell alone. It has to be noted, these aren't cheap hair care items, but if you've got the cash I would definitely recommend them both.

The supporting cast to the shampoo and conditioner are the Root Lifting Spray ($26 for 5 oz) and the Bodifying Radiance Serum ($35 for 1.7 oz). 

The Root Lifting Spray is supposed to do exactly what it sounds like - boost those roots! You aim this bottle at your damp roots and style as usual. I found this to be most effective when I blowdryed my hair afterwards, but it didn't do a whole lot if I just let my hair air dry,as I typically do. 

The Bodifying Radiance Serum adds luster and softness to the hair, transforming UV rays in to visible light for extra shine. Just apply 1-2 pumps to the ends of your damp hair, and watch it work its magic. I definitely noticed my hair looked far more healthy and shiny when I used this.

If I were to tell you to run to the store and get your hands on any of these products, I'd definitely say start with the shampoo and conditioner. They are the real highlights of this new hair care line. If you're like me, and end up loving them, maybe get your hands on the root spray and radiance serum, too - you certainly won't regret your purchases! You can purchase these products on,, and

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