Monday, June 1, 2015

The UltiMitt Tanning Mitt

Being a pale, pale auburn-haired girl, self-tanning is the only way I will ever have bronze summer skin. Besides, I'm no advocate for tanning beds or laying out - I, for one, would rather avoid wrinkles and skin cancer if I can help it. So when spring hits, I break out the self tanner for a subtle glow. 

After using my fair share of gradual tanning lotions, I've been experimenting more with tanning mousses, and to make sure my hands don't look like I dipped them in dye. I've recently been using the UltiMitt and it is a fantastic, high-quality mitt.

The UltiMitt is a microfiber mitt, so it's super soft and easily spreads your tanning mousse of choice, and on the up-side, it can be washed! My favorite thing about this mitt is the size, it's big enough for my hand and it won't rip the way so many cheapy mitts do. 

I also really like that the inside has plastic separating the foam from the inside of the glove, so you don't have to worry about the inside getting gross or product soaking through. 

This mitt will set you back a tiny bit, ringing in at $15, but you will get way more use out of it than the cheap $5 ones you can get at Spehora. If you want to get the UltiMitt for yourself, you can buy it on Amazon here

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