Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tarte - Tarteist Clay Paint Liner | Review + Swatches

If I were stranded on an island and could only have one makeup item, black liquid eyeliner would be my one item. If I'm wearing makeup, you can bet I'm wearing black eyeliner, winged just slightly (or sometimes a lot!). It's been that way for many, many years - black eyeliner is my go-to. There aren't many new developments in the liquid eyeliner world that seem to excite me -- I've found my tried and true favorites that I've used for years and years -- but when the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner came out, I had to have it.

The Tarteist Clay Paint liner comes in a 0.21 oz squeezy tube, and it comes with a brush that's bent the perfect amount for easy application. According to the Tarte website, "The unique formula features fewer waxes, cushioned pigments and a special development process unlike other traditional liners, allowing for the creamiest texture and smoothest application ever. " 

This eyeliner also claims to have 12-hour wear time, and I can say that that is true. It has excellent wear time and it's very easy to apply. I normally don't like eyeliner brushes like this either, but something about this one is fantastic. It's easy to use and apply as thick or thin of a line as you like. 

Before I purchased this eyeliner, I read the reviews and lots of people complained that it was a watery formula that didn't build up well. I didn't find that to be true at all - it builds up well and doesn't require going over it a bunch of times. It's also a perfect matte black that's a dark, bold black (my preference). If you're not skilled with drawing a crisp line with a brush, this might take some practice, but all in all, it's quite simple to apply, with a minimal learning curve. I'd highly recommend this liner.

You can purchase the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner for $24 at Sephora.

What's your favorite black liner? Let me know!

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