Monday, March 30, 2015

Scentbird | Jimmy Choo Stars

I am still just as excited about Scentbird as the first time I raved about it. Scentbird, for those of you who missed my last post, is a monthly perfume subscription service. It costs just $15 a month, and you receive a vial of perfume that's 0.34 oz (practically the size of a typical rollerball!) and a chic holder that you can switch the bottles in and out of. For a limited time, this fancy pink vial is available when you subscribe! 

The perfume you receive each month is totally up to you. You can pick from over 350 designer fragrances at, so you never have to receive something that isn't your style. They're always adding new scents and if they don't have something you really want to try, they encourage subscribers to send them a note so they can add your scent to their library of fragrances.

This month, I chose to receive Jimmy Choo Stars, a limited edition fragrance that was launched in 2014. I'm not head over heels in love the original Jimmy Choo scent, but I have been a big fan of the spinoffs of the perfume. Stars is no exception - it smells so so good. If you've smelled Jimmy Choo before, it has that same basic scent that comes through strong, but there are also notes of citrus, patchouli, orchid, sandalwood and toffee. I can really pick up on the afternotes of toffee, which is quite a unique and interesting scent. If you're a fan of scents like Chloe or Miss Dior, you might like this perfume as well.

Stars is sophisticated, feminine and sexy and if I didn't have a million perfumes to use, I'd consider placing an order for it right this second. 

I'd highly recommend Scentbird if you like to switch up your perfume or get bored easily with scents. It's an awesome way to try a new perfume before shelling out the big bucks on a large bottle. I'm a self professed perfume junkie, so you can bet I'm loving experimenting thanks to Scentbird! To start your subscription, just click here.  Use the code SPRINGBIRD to get 15% off your first month! 

What perfume would you try? Let me know! 

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