Sunday, May 18, 2014

This Week #4

Top to bottom, left to right: A weeknight dinner//Green in my backyard!!//A tiny little flower//My favorite overnight oats//Winnie smelling the flowers

Happy Sunday, all! I hope you all had a wonderful week! My week seemed to fly by - unfortunately though, it rained nearly all week here in my neck of Minnesota. Better during the week than the weekend, though.

This week was rather low key. Monday passed by in a blur, and Tuesday brought Winnie's puppy class. Tuesday is fast becoming one of my favorite nights of the week - I just love sitting in a room full of puppies playing together and learning new tricks! Each week a new puppy comes through the door, as most all of them are growing quickly... Winnie included. Check out the picture of her sniffing through the bluebells in our yard. 

On Wednesday evening we made home-made pizzas for Jake's dad, as he came over to help me build a couple raised gardens (pictures coming soon!). As the weather is turning nicer and spring is finally here, it's time I get some plants and flowers growing in our yard, although this year Jake and I did sign up for a CSA box from a local farm so we will be receiving lots of fresh organic veggies weekly starting in about 3 weeks.

I started out Saturday right with a bowl of my favorite overnight oats recipe - Oatmeal Cookie overnight oats (see above). They are seriously delicious and they're made with all sorts of great, whole ingredients that keep you full until lunch time. Jake and I spent much of Saturday raking up our yard to get ready to put down new mulch (hopefully next weekend) and I potted some flowers to add some life to our deck. I also got some bird seed and a hummingbird feeder! Since our backyard is so wooded (see pic) we see all sorts of birds and I'm hoping we can attract them a little closer to our house so Jake and I can become dorky bird watchers.

We're spending today with family, having a burger grill out and potluck with aunts. uncles and cousins. I'm bringing some Malibu organic veggie burgers that I picked up at Costco (I'm back to not eating meat, for those of you who knew about the vegetarian challenge I did in March) and we're also bringing a 7-grain salad that we picked up at Costco as well. Can you tell I flippin' love Costco? ;)

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! See you Monday, folks!

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