Friday, November 24, 2017

We Smell Candles | Holiday gift idea!

I know, this is a beauty blog. But if you've read Glazed Over, you know I review the occasional candle, too. For some odd reason, many beauty bloggers do. Maybe it's because we enjoy yummy-scented perfumes, and also like our homes to smell nice, too? I don't know, and I don't care, and today I'm really excited to share a candle brand that's new to me with you.

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from We Smell Candles and was pleasantly surprised that their company is based about 40 minutes from my hometown! It's not often I work with local brands (simply because there aren't many local beauty brands in my neck of the woods) so I jumped at the opportunity. The fact they're local isn't the only reason I said yes to trying out their products... their candles and melts are soy-based, something I'm switching to exclusively (once I use up my massive backstock) because it burns cleaner and longer, and they have SO many amazing scents to choose from on their website. It was hard to narrow it down to just a couple choices! 

Patti from We Smell Candles was nice enough to send me their Christmas Tree candle and a "Quit Your Whining" wax melt to test out, and upon first whiff I couldn't wait to get these burning in my home. 

As expected, this candle is absolutely lovely. The packaging is high quality, poured perfectly in to a mason jar. I personally love the look of mason jar candles, this being no exception. Christmas Tree is described as the perfect Christmas scent, not artificial pine nastiness. I'd say that's spot on. Once you start burning this, you can expect your whole house to smell like the holidays. 

The We Smell Candles mason jar candles are in a 16 oz. mason jar. Compared to a normal 3-wick Bath & Body Works candle, you actually get 1.5 oz more wax. B&BW 3-wicks are just 14.5 oz and are usually more than $9.95. Plus, these are high quality soy candles, so they'll burn cleaner and last longer than any candle you buy from B&BW. I'd recommend We Smell Candles over B&BW any day. 

Quit Your Whining is a super sweet red cabernet scent perfect for any time of year. Pop these melts in to a warmer and your house will smell amazing for hours. I love that these are also soy-based. 

Check out the extensive list of scent options to choose from here if neither of these are up your alley.

Overall, I can't recommend We Smell Candles enough. I'm so thrilled I was turned on to this brand and I'll definitely be purchasing from them in the future when I use up the backstock of candles that I already have! 

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