Monday, October 27, 2014

Pavay Organics

As a blogger, I test out many products - some natural, many not... but in my own daily skincare I prefer to use more natural products. And as I've switched many of my skin creams and face washes over to natural products, I've found my skin really loves the switch and has responded well to it. So naturally, I was excited when given the chance to review a slew of products by Pavay Organics.

I really like this statement from their website: "Our extraordinary line incorporates over 70% of only the best certified-organic ingredients from around the globe, and is also 97% naturally derived. These incredible ingredients are then scientifically formulated to create the best skin care products possible that meet our Organically Effective promise."

I was sent three products - their retinol eye cream, the cooling hydra-gel face mask, and their face bar for normal/oily skin. Let's get right to the goods...

My most favorite product was the Face Bar ($32 for 4 oz). This bar is made with ionite™ clay harvested in Arizona. The zinc in the clay is said to aid a multitude of skin issues, including eczema, dry skin,and acne, as well as other skin problems. I love using this as a morning cleanser to remove any oil or dirt that comes to the surface of my skin as I sleep. It has a subtle fruity scent, and it lathers nicely. You might be hesitant, thinking that a bar of "soap" is going to dry your face royally, but I can guarantee you this does the exact opposite. It cleans without drying and it leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated.

I found the Cooling Hydra Gel Mask ($44 for 4 oz) to be nice as well. This mask is formulated with vitamin E and aloe to really penetrate the skin and provide a boost of hydration. This is different than any mask I've tried, as it goes on clear and is almost liquid-like. It slowly firms up to a sticky consistency on the skin, and as it dries it has a pleasant cooling effect and it smells nicely of aloe. It did irritate my eyes slightly, and they stung on and off for about a minute, but that quickly subsided. I left the mask on for 20 minutes, and after I washed it off, my skin felt hydrated and even..

The only item I wasn't head over heels for was the Retinol firm and lift eye cream ($58 for o.5 oz). This wrinkle cream is infused with antioxidants and restorative oils, and aims to regenerate sagging skin by lifting and firming and eliminating fine lines. This cream is formulated with pure vitamin A retinol, C and E, pomegranate, sea buckthorn berry and certified organic essential oils. I think the retinol is just too strong for me, as I found my eyes burned when I applied the cream to my under-eye area. Pure vitamin A is often drying too, which unfortunately was the case for me. I have very dry under eyes to begin with, so a formula this intense just isn't meant for me. If you have oilier under-eyes or more mature skin, I think this cream could be for you.

What natural skin care items have you been using? Have you tried anything by Pavay Organics? Let me know!

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