Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The start of my MAC blush collection

I'm going to be honest here -- I've got a stash of blushes. A big stash. A stash bigger than I'd like to admit. Blush is a beauty favorite of mine. The majority of my collection is comprised of affordable, drugstore brands. I'm not saying this is a bad thing - many drugstore blushes can be just as great as higher end options, but often I lust over many of the MAC collections and the beautiful blushes that come with them and the high price tag keeps me from buying. I'm just not one to spend ~$25 on a blush that often, the price of most MAC blushes. 

This weekend, I got to indulge and snatch up my first MAC blushes! The best part? I got them at a fraction of the cost while shopping at a Cosmetics Company Store. If you've never been to one, CCS' sell high end cosmetic brands at a discounted price (Smashbox, Clinique, MAC, Origins, Bobbi Brown, etc.) Typically they have items that are part of a past season's collection. It's probably a good thing I live no where near one of these stores.... 

The two blushes I picked up are MAC's At Dusk and Lovecloud.

MAC At Dusk
At Dusk Extra-Dimension blush was part of MAC's limited edition Summer 2013 collection, and is described as a "mid-tone rose". At Dusk has a satin finish that leaves the cheeks with the most gorgeous sheen. For paler skin tones, like myself, this blush gives a natural flush of color. For tanner skin tones, this may not show up as well. On top of all the beauty, it has great lasting power, too. I got 8 hours out of it with little fading. 

MAC Lovecloud

Lovecloud is a bit older; it was part of the Spring 2012 Tres Cheek collection. Lovecloud is described as a "bright mid-tone pink" and is classified my MAC as a satin. This is an instant favorite of mine. While the bright pink may look daunting, it's very blendable and can be applied lightly or built up to a more dramatic finish. 

L to R - At Dusk, Lovecloud

Overall, I'm thrilled with my purchases. I know these will suit me well for a long time to come. They're both very flattering colors on lighter skin tones such as my own. I understand the hype of MAC blushes now, and I'm excited to have started my collection.

Which MAC blushes do you love?

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