Friday, November 1, 2013

e.l.f. Holiday Palette!

Browsing the racks of Walgreens last weekend I stumbled upon a brand new e.l.f. display that I can only assume is part of their holiday collection. The display really caught my eye, as it looked much more fancy than any of their other displays I'd seen. The $5 price tag also caught my eye, and I came home with the 10 Piece Nude Eyeshadow Palette. 

(If you happen to see the new e.l.f. display at Walgreens, you'll notice there are two different palettes like this that look very much the same. The other is the "Party" palette, I believe -- if I'm remembering the name right.)

 Take a look...

Just from looking at it, I fell in love with the colors of this palette, which are a bit different than what you'd expect from your typical "nude" palette. This comes with a great variety of colors ranging from shimmery browns and pinks to deep purple and green, and a couple matte skin colors, too. 

Unfortunately this palette just doesn't perform well, typical of most e.l.f. eyeshadows. While the packaging got a pretty upgrade, only a few of the shadows seems to have been upgraded with it. 

The two matte skin colors (on the left side) are amazingly buttery and pigmented, and some of the bolder shades applied nicely, too, but the shimmery pink and purple are filled with chunky glitter that leaves behind just a trace of color and a ton of fallout.

The eyeliner, well that just plain sucks. It's bone dry and would take some serious tugging on your eyelid to get a nice line. Straight to the trash it goes...

This palette isn't the greatest, but for $5, what do you expect? The two matte nude shades are worth the $5 as they have a richer, more buttery texture, and some of the darker shades apply nicely as well. If you're most intrigued by the shimmery purple and pink (as I was), you might as well look elsewhere as those shades are hardly manageable.

Let me know what you think of e.l.f.'s new holiday palettes in the comments below!


  1. I find purples, from whatever brand, tends to be the most problematic color.
    The two mattes look really good though!

    1. Oh very interesting observation! I hadn't noticed that - but that makes sense considering I have yet to find my ideal purple shade!

  2. I'm more of a shimmer shade verse dark shade person. This'll be a skip for me!

    1. Me too. Too bad the shimmers are underwhelming in this palette.


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