Sunday, October 6, 2013

Makeup Mail: Miyu Teas & Beauty

First and foremost, thanks for bearing with me as I'm internet-less! On Saturday my husband and father in law ran cable through our house, so fingers crossed that by this coming week I'll be back up and running regularly! For now, I am bumming internet off my parents. ;) 

On to the goods - last week I got this gorgeous little Miyu sample set from Birchbox as part of their Birchbloggers program and I am so excited to share it with you. You may have noticed that Miyu Beauty recently launched their collection and made it available to Birchbox subscribers. They only have a small selection of products so far, all of which you'll see in this gorgeous sample set, appropriately named "A Prettea Little Quartet", I received. There may be few items, but each one is fabulous. 

How gorgeous is this packaging? Through every aspect of the Miyu brand, it's clear design is important to them. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Check out their website to see what I mean. 

The Prettea Little Quartet is made up of four different products - 2 facial mists and 2 different teas.  The idea is that you use these products in combination with each other in order to achieve beautiful skin by treating the inside and the outside, a philosophy I love. I think Miyu is on to something many cosmetic companies tend to look over - skin health that starts with what you put in to your body. 

There are two different facial mists, the first being the De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence which smells lightly like peppermint, with hints of licorice, ginger, honeysuckle and dandelion. The purpose of this product is to soothe and calm irritated skin. It feels lovely on the skin, and has a nice cooling feeling once applied.

This facial mist is to be paired with the De-Stress Mi Beauty Tea, a fresh and earthy tea filled with peppermint, licorice, chamomile and candied pearls (which you can see in the tea bags - adorable!)

The second facial mist is the Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence, which is meant to hydrate the skin with water-binding wild pansy and sodium hyaluronate. This spray has a light rose scent, and feels very refreshing on the skin. 

This facial mist is to be paired with the Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea, a light and fruity blend that is caffeine-free. This tea is comprised of green rooibos, goji berries, rose petals, snow pear essence and candied pearls. 

To use, spray the facial mist on prior to moisturizing your face.  Begin by using the De-Stress Mi combination of facial mist and tea for a couple weeks. Once your skin has adjusted to this regimen and become more resilient, switch to the Hydrate-Mi combination to replenish the water in your skin.

I'm loving this "Prettea Little Quartet" (so clever). All aspects of these products are delicate, feminine, and carefully considered. Lucky for you - I'll be giving one of these sets away to one lucky winner! Stay tuned for the giveaway entry, coming very soon! 

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  1. This looks great! Kind of a random mixture - face mist and tea! But looks adorable!
    Anna xo


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