Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Strips in Penny Rose

I've got a first on Glazed Over today.... nail polish strips. There's a reason I have never featured nail strips before, and that's because I have tried and failed at them numerous times. I mean, so bad that I wouldn't even think to show anyone. Like, take off right away and use regular nail polish bad. But not anymore. Today I've got a complete and total success with nail polish strips.

These gorgeous, 100% real nail polish strips are from Incoco and they're in the shade Penny Rose - a glittering rose gold. What I love is that unlike most chunky glittery paint-on polishes like this (which tend to be total topcoat hogs), these are totally smooth. And the best part is, since they're a base, polish and top coat in one, there's no waiting for them to dry! These took me just 10 minutes to do (because I'm a perfectionist - but they could easily take you 5 minutes or less) and I've already been smacking my nails around and they haven't scratched or torn. 

Another cool thing about Incoco strips is that they're more concentrated than regular polish, so they're supposed to last longer (up to 14 days...check back, I'll keep you posted on wear time). And one more rave: they're 3 free, meaning they're free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde (aka the bad stuff in many nail polishes).

Penny Rose retails for $7.99, and right now I believe the only place you can buy Incoco strips is on their website. I would definitely recommend picking some up if you like gorgeous nails that are quick and easy to achieve! 

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