Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers

So many awesome lip products have been calling my name in the drugstore lately, and I've had to use every bit of willpower to resist plucking all of them off the shelf! However, I gave in to one of those calls lately when I purchased my first Maybelline Color Whisper. 

It all went down like this... I was on a grocery shopping trip at Walmart, just happened to end up in the cosmetics aisle, and one of the Color Whispers looked so sad to have me pass it by that I just had to buy it and bring it home with me! Or something like that... 

I loved the formula of this product so much that I went out and bought two more. They provide sheer color that's buildable, and they're really moisturizing and light-weight on the lips. I'm positive they would be flattering on anyone. I have yet to try any of the berry or red colors, so I don't know just how vibrant those are, but I'm willing to bet they provide just the right amount of color. Another plus: these come in a huge range of colors. There is sure to be a color you like and that works for you in this line. I will warn you - these don't have a seal like many lipsticks do at the store, so take a peek at the lipstick to make sure no one else has rubbed their lips on it or touched it before you buy your own. (I'm a bit crazy about that...)

It all began when I picked up the Color Whisper in Petal Rebel (a much buzzed about shade in the beauty blog/vlogging world). 

Petal Rebel is a gorgeous light pink (I could not say no when I saw it) It looks sort of intimidating and neon, but it applies sheer and adds a nice springy glow to the lips. It looks more dark on my hand than it is once applied to my lips (the picture of it on my hand up top is a bit more accurate).

Nude Shimmer is a color I haven't seen everywhere, and it might be new (anyone know for sure?) as it was in more of a seasonal section of Walgreens and not with the other Color Whispers. I'll have to check in to that. Initially, I was turned off by the "shimmer" part of the name (I don't like glittery, frosty, or shimmery lips typically), but it actually has really small peachy gold shimmer that is hardly detectable; it just adds a nice sheen to the lips. This is a great product to keep in your purse for quick color that you don't need a mirror to apply.

My favorite of the three is undoubtedly Coral Ambition (I've been obsessed with corals lately!) It adds a perfect pop of color that's not too orange, not too pink - just right in between. This is another color that is fabulous for spring and summer, and can be applied without too much hassle or a mirror. 

As I said, I love this line of lippies. If I see a good enough deal, I will probably snag some more. If you're interested in trying them out, Maybelline products are buy 1 get 1 50% off at Walgreens this week. Gotta love a deal!

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