Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zoya - Coraline (Blogger Series)

Oh my GOSH, I've been horrible about updating. Let my nails do the explaining, as they are proof of how stressful and crazy last week was! I work for an event management company, and we had a very busy week prepping for an event which was last Friday evening. It went smoothly, but after a week of loading and unloading, and a bit of nervous chewing... my nails were shot! Saturday I was up early to head home for my sister's graduation party, which was another long, but equally fun day. Monday and today I spent on tear down for Friday's event, and my nails were totally wrecked by this afternoon. So I hope that is enough excuse to make up for my blogging absence - and if that won't cut it, I'm sure today's polish will! 

And on another note - my camera batteries died, so I have crappy iPhone pics - SORRY!

This beauty is Zoya's Coraline, from Zoya's Blogger Collection. You might recall my post about Kate, another polish from this collection. I really love these gorgeous jellies. What I said about Kate holds true for Coraline as well - it looks like candy! It looks like I could lick my fingers and they'd taste like orange!

I used two coats to give an almost complete coverage, as I kind of like the nail line peeking through the jelly polish (well, the very minimal nail line I have after all my nails broke!). I topped this off with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat and called it done. Here's to hoping my nails grow quickly, and my battery charger can be found soon! 

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