Monday, June 4, 2012

China Glaze - Prism

I was so excited when this Prismatic collection came out. I love lots of glitter, and most of my stash is made up of various glitter polishes. However, I only ended up buying two from this collection - Liquid Crystal, and the polish you see here - Prism, and I can't say I'm sorry I didn't buy more.  These two are very similar polishes. 

One of the things I don't like about this collection is how easy it chips. It makes sense, I suppose. Thick glitter is way more brittle than most formulas, so one wrong tap of your nail and there goes half of the polish. I painted my nails on Saturday evening, and already I have some sizable chunks missing. 

I decided to add a layer of China Glaze - Crushed Candy to my ring finger as an accent, but it didn't crack very well. That's something I don't like about crackle polishes as well - if you paint them on even a tad bit too thick, they hardly crack (which is frustrating after you've already put enough work in to the bottom layers below it!) 

I put Prism on my toes too and I think it looks much better than it does on my hands. It doesn't chip as fast, and it's always fun to have sparkly toes in the summer time for flip flop weather. I think I'll solely use Prism and Liquid Crystal for pedi polishes from here on out.

Was anyone else unimpressed with this collection, too? 


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