Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Masked Beauty Skincare | Luxury Face Masks

Raise your hand if an indulgent night in for you typically involves a face mask -- I'm raising my hand over here, too! I don't think I've met a mask that's rocked my world so much that it's become essential in my skincare routine, but I always feel like masks are like a multivitamin for your face. Are they working? Hard to say. Does my skin feel great? You bet. And chances are it may even LOOK great for a day or so post-mask, too. So, it can't hurt, and it feels relaxing in the process so why not?

Recently, I was sent a couple masks from Masked Beauty Skincare to try out. This brand is new to me, but I was intrigued by the variety of masks they offer. They sent me the Purifying Charcoal & Diamond Mask, and their Exfoliating Coffee & Chocolate mask. 

These masks are formulated without parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, triclosan, polyethylene microbeads, bisphenol A (BPA), and toluene.

My personal favorite is the Coffee & Chocolate mask. It smells as yummy as you're imagining and once I used it and rinsed it off, my face feels smooth and soft. It's lightly exfoliating with little pieces of coffee bean ground in to it. 

The Charcoal & Diamond mask is also nice, especially if you're looking to dry up any blemishes or impurities on your skin. My one complaint is that it smells a bit artificial and perfumed, something I'd rather not have in my skincare. Added fragrance can be an irritant on sensitive skin. 

There are four other options in the Masked Beauty line, including Toning Red Clay, Overnight Pistachio, Moisturizing Gingko & Oat, and Soothing Rose & Peony. The only retailer near me that carries these (although I have not looked for them myself) is Hy-Vee - so keep your eye out if you're grocery shopping and want to splurge on yourself! They're only around $8 each. 

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