Saturday, May 20, 2017

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Foundation | Review

I'm fascinated by K-beauty products, and if you know even the littlest bit about K-beauty, you'll know people rave about Korean BB creams. Unlike most BB creams available in the states, many Korean BB creams have the coverage of a foundation (versus nearly all American-made creams that I've tried, which aren't much more than a tinted moisturizer). 

I watched a review by thataylaa on Youtube and was convinced I needed to give this foundation a shot. An easy decision, considering it only set me back a whopping $10 on Amazon.

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream has SPF 20, UV protection, mint water for hydration and marine jelly complex for soft, supple skin. There's not a whole lot of description (at least in English) about this foundation to be found online - so you'll just have to take my word for the rest of it...

Upon first glance, you can tell it really does have kind of a jelly consistency. I tried my best to capture it in the jar. Despite looking thick and chunky, it's actually really lightweight and blends in easily.

The overall design of the packaging would make you think this is a spendy foundation. The thick frosted glass, cute blue top... all great. But my favorite part of the design is the MINI SPATULA applicator. How amazing and adorable is that? Not to mention functional. It makes it really easy to stir up and get a scoop out to apply. 

I purchased the shade Beige 01, which kind of freaked me out because I don't think I've ever bought a foundation with beige in the name - usually WAY too dark. Regardless, this color is a perfect match for me so if you've got paler-than-pale skin like me, you'll probably find this a great match, too.

Just for your own comparisons, I have normal to combination skin. I get a bit of oil throughout the day, but I'm not an oil factory by any means, and my face doesn't get too dry. It's just right, prone to a bit of a discoloration or minor break outs. If you have dry skin, you might need to wear an oil underneath this. If you've got super oily skin, this may slide around a bit and you'll want a good oil-controlling primer underneath. If you've got a lot of fine lines or wrinkles, you may find that this foundation settles in and makes itself comfortable in places you'd rather it didn't. 

Here's the wear-test. Excuse the bad iPhone photos and awkward poses because I was at work and in the car and trying to be inconspicuous both times. 

You can see it evens out my skin tone, covers up freckles and imperfections, yet still looks like my own natural skin.I don't know why the camera makes it look a little yellow, because it definitely doesn't look like that in person. My favorite thing about this foundation is that it provides good coverage, but feels lightweight and looks natural and not cakey. 

Overall, I don't see a ton of change between the time check ins. This foundation holds up pretty darn well. Sometimes if I have an oiler skin day, I'll notice a tiny bit of caking around my forehead T-zone area. My only real gripe for this foundation is that it can tend to settle in around my nose and forehead fine lines. Not as bad as some foundations do, and not badly enough to make me want to never wear or repurchase this foundation. I just smooth it out and all is well.

I'm super excited to have stumbled upon this foundation right before the heat of summer hits, and I think it'll be my season staple. SPF (check!), lightweight (check!), lasts all day (check!). Yeah.... we're going to be good friends, Aqua Petit Jelly BB Foundation.

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